Coding Standards

Coding Standards and Code Reviews

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Coding Techniques

Our coding techniques incorporate many facets of software development and, although they usually have no impact on the functionality of the application, they contribute to an improved comprehension of source code. For the purpose of this document, all forms of source code are considered, including programming, scripting, markup, and query languages. The coding techniques defined here are not proposed to form an inflexible set of coding standards. Rather, they are meant to serve as a guide for developing a coding standard for a specific software project.

Internal Testing Team

During this phase the Software Release is run through its final paces internally before being exposed to an external customer. Various activities take place during the Alpha phase in preparation for giving some selected Beta customers the first versions of the Software Release. Testing is completed by going through cycle of identifying, categorizing, evaluating, fixing, and re-testing defects or "bugs". The number of bugs found should be lessening in comparison to Phase 7 system testing, and the stability of the system should be increasing.

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