Transforming Education with Technology

Admissions Management Software

Simplify admission processes and focus on improving retention

Technogrips strengthens your admission processes by being the technical point of interaction that powers your marketing campaigns. Our strong backend system helps you manage and curate all admission forms received while the front end website we create for you serves as the one stop destination to learn everything about your institution.

Student Lead Management Software

Technogrips/Smartclass school management software helps you manage all leads and enquiries that are generated through your marketing efforts and word-of-mouth. The system receives all queries and allows a school representative to respond to those queries. Our notification system ensures that administrators are constantly in the loop of all these developments. You can directly manage sale of applications from the system and manage follow ups with interested students and parents.

Reduce response lag and manual mistakes

Technogrips’s extremely simple interface allows students and parents to enter details of their ward online which are then passed onto the recruitment team. This reduces latency and helps you get off the mark quickly. Admission form sales, prospectus sales, enquiries and visit scheduling can all be managed using Technogrips school management software, providing you on time action points to increase student enrollments. Reporting mechanisms are in place to help you improve response times, improve admission form sales and recruit more students. The level of efficiency achieved with Technogrips helps you reduce manpower costs and boosts operating levels.