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Alumni Management system is a great way to empower present members of one’s organization to connect with their alumni’s

Alumni Management System

Alumni-undoubtedly is the most important foundation of an institution that determines the progress and the true quality of the educational institution.

Alumni Management system is a great way to empower present members of one’s organization to connect with their alumni’s. Technogrips’s Alumni Online community help will provide benefit to the organization by giving great leaders with commitment who upholds ideas and goals further in society of their organization. Alumni Management system provides internet services to remain in touch, feel nostalgic about your past memories.

Its special features include

Establish basic communication to Brainstorm, build opinions and share ideas

Discussion Groups—which brings all the alumni on a common platform for meaningful projects, discussions, or just a know-how

Enhanced Email features add personal touch in all your communications

Notice Board to spread the word when needed

Online chatting to connect real time

SMS Integration to get reminders, messages, updates delivered to mobile

Newsletter Management which sends regular scheduled updates to the community

Weekly digest mails for latest updates

Collaboration which helps the alumni association to build

Knowledge base—to build your own repository of knowledgeable articles

Business Exchange strategies--Grow from strength to strength by networking with peer

Photo gallery, embedded videos-Share and reminisce the special moments

Group Blog-Share ideas, observations and thoughts

Career options--Open a world of opportunities for others

Polls--Feel the pulse on relevant issues

It also controls the content management

And helps to create, edit, manage and publish content

Controls Report abuse/inappropriate content which decides what needs to get posted and deleted.

Google analytics which Monitor and analyze your website traffic

Admin role manager which sets up different views for different administrators

Giving back to the alma mater is the ultimate token of gratitude to the alumni who can do it in various ways like

Arranging guest lectures

Financial support through on-line shopping, fund-rising and mst importantly sharing the invaluable mentorship. Technogrips helps you in streamlining all these.