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Front Office Management Software

Front Office Management Software

Technogrips’s front office system automates all front office related areas of the institution like appointments, cashiering, audit, visitor’s catalogue, staff and student details, guest history etc.

It streamlines your room-related operations and helps improve your customer services.

The system works in tandem with the telephone exchange to control room line release and lock on the entry and of the visitors. It also logs and bills call charges.

It also allows centralized non-stop operations.

It features the following modules:

  • appointments
  • Reception
  • Front-office cashiering
  • audit
  • Guest Messages
  • Guest history
  • Our exclusive module assists the executive to enter all the details of the walk-ins, phone enquiries, generate appointment with principal, teachers etc. This module is capable of generating gate pass etc. Sitting at the head office branch-wise/school-wise they can now the number of walk-ins, phone enquiries etc. This system undoubtedly boosts the efficiency of the front-desk managers, who can operate stress-free, continuously.