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Housing and Hostel Management Software

Housing and Hostel Management Software

Manage your dormitories and rooms from a single interface

Technogrips’s Housing and Hostel Management module enables quick and easy administration of your housing facilities. You can now manage your hostel as an integrated part of Technogrips’s comprehensive school management software that lets you track stay durations, billing and perform other essential function. The powerful framework is perfect for day to day hostel management and creates an efficient, paperless environment.

Manage your hostel online

Technogrips enables you to allocate rooms and dormitories to students as per your school’s fraternity, sorority or school house system. Leveraging individual student data saved onto the cloud database, the Hostel Management system lets you enter batch and individual entries. The system helps you plan out the room allocations of your entire institution and helps avoid duplication.

Billing made easy

The Housing Management tool allows you to manage all income and expenditure related to your hostel in one place. You can assign customized bill plans to students individually or in groups. All financial transactions are integrated into the student’s overall financial statement. The student can print out computerized invoices at anytime. Administrators, on the other hand, can always stay informed of pending amounts and receipts through the Housing and Hostel Management Module. Notifications pertaining to payments, disciplinary warnings, documents and housing related meetings can also be sent manually or automatically through the system.

Manage Housing applications

Technogrips allows students to apply for housing and hostel facilities online. A special form can be created which allows them to mention their preferences and the same can be used while assigning rooms to students. Change of room applications can also be created and managed completely online.

Powerful reporting and analysis

Technogrips’s comprehensive reporting feature keeps you on top of all important Housing and Hostel data points. Built in reports allow you to establish cash inflows and outflows through the hostel. Disciplinary reports that have been entered for unruly students can be called up quickly. Hostel occupancy reports support your administration by giving you a snapshot of hostel stay trends and help you plan for vacant periods.

Guest Management

The Housing and Hostel Management module also allows you to take special note of guests who are visiting students. You can record all details of guests and assign accommodation to them directly through Technogrips. Custom reports can be made to help you map guest occupancy, guest frequency and other parameters as requested by you. Copyright © Technogrips 2013 School Management Software, All rights reserved.