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HR and Payroll Management Software

HR and Payroll Management Software

Easily manage staff payroll, leaves, recruitment and more

Technogrips is a powerful tool making school or college management easier. Our entire focus is to improve institution efficiency by providing powerful technology. The HR and Payroll management module is an agile feature that helps you manage your institutions most important asset: the staff.

Teacher and Staff recruitment software

Technogrips allows you a central location to upload resumes of staff and manage the entire recruitment process. Once candidates have been interviewed, their details can quickly be updated on the system, and classes can be assigned to them. The entire process is automated and makes Technogrips school management software a perfect platform for your HR department.

Leave management

Now all staff leaves can be managed on one single school management software that is integrated with the rest of the schools functions allowing you to continue to function efficiently. The leave management software allows you to create different kinds of leaves [sick leave, casual leave, maternity leave etc] which staff can apply for and which only administrators can approve, making it an easy to track system.

Staff salary advance management software

Technogrips's comprehensive system allows administrators to pay advances and allowances to staff against their salaries. The system being completely integrated, any advances and deductions made can be deducted from salaries, if it is so mentioned.

Salary/Pay-slip generation software

Using all the data that is generated by the staff, and from the components of salaries entered, Technogrips allows staff members to easily generate a salary slip or payslip. The automation of this recurring monthly process saves time for the finance department and helps them concentrate more on running the institution efficiently.

  • Process any number of company’s payroll.
  • Software allows the institution to maintain photo of all employees.
  • User defined pay-slip generation format can be designed.
  • User defined additions; deductions and yearly additions can be made.
  • Formula based calculation of Payroll is done very easily.
  • User defined Professional Tax structure for each state separately.
  • Salary Payroll Processing with respect to all or selected employees .
  • Complete Employee details from employee's joining to employee’s resignation.
  • Any number of Leave and Loans can be created with direct loan Re-payment.
  • E.M.I / Interest Calculations for all the loans can be defined very easily using this Payroll software
  • Merging of various Swap Card Data into the Payroll softwareis very easy.
  • Powerful password check for data entry
  • Pay register management software for Employees

    Technogrips allows you to easily manage the payments to be made to staff. Our tool comes built with sophisticated calculators where statutory payments such as ESI and EPF can be combined with other salary components. The pay register incorporates all aspects of the salary such as advances, deductions, leaves and other specified amounts and automatically updates for each member of the staff. Any increases or increments in salary can also be easily incorporated into the system.

    Employees Details

  • Employees’ details like designation, department, branch, photos, contacts, qualifications, history details, leave details can be maintained in the Payroll software.
  • Employee’s Payroll structure can be maintained very easily using this payroll.
  • Muster can be generated.
  • Pay-slip / Bonus calculation and loan calculation can be done.
  • User defined slabs can be entered for income Tax, Professional Tax for Maharashtra (Mumbai) as well as for other states, Standard Deduction, PF, ESIC, and Surcharge.
  • Staff salary bank reconciliation

    In case the staff of your institution uses different banks, then Technogrips offers a perfect solution that allows you to reconcile this payment with their respective banks. This ensures there are no discrepancies or instances of payments not being made.

    Staff salary reports and forms generation

    Technogrips offers a streamlined HR solution where administrators and planners can access all the data about monthly salary reports of various parameters. Reports are available based upon detailed parameters such as ESI and PF paid to staff and other salary components. The tool also allows planners to project future salary expenses and supports planners to estimate the required cash flows.

  • PF liability reports
  • ESI liability reports