Transforming Education with Technology

Learning Management System

Learning Management System

Help your students learn, anytime, anywhere

Technogrips offers schools and colleges the power to own an online learning management software that gives students access to course material stored online, thus making knowledge accessible from anywhere at any time. The LMS offers teachers a comprehensive tool to organize study sessions and conduct virtual discussions to the benefit of every student. Since it leverages data from all over each student’s profile, including their performance, attendance and extracurricular involvement, it gives teachers the advantage of identifying constraints each student faces and the chance of dealing with them better. The unique online learning management system brings to your institution a way in which students can always be connected to their course materials. Implementing the Technogrips Learning management system is a great way to improve student performance.

Online courses

Technogrips helps teachers take their course work online. You can store videos, notes and other material on to Technogrips, making it a wonderful repository of information. Saved material can be shared with students and other teachers, creating a unique learning environment which can be accessed by students from any place through the internet.

Online Communication

Learning was never this interactive. Technogrips allows students and teachers to interact in an online space and discuss and clarify all doubts the student’s may have. This open discussion forum is a great way for students who have been unable to grasp concepts in class to get the clarity they need.

Online assignments

Teachers can create online assignments and send the same to students through Technogrips. The advantage of online assignments is that teachers can easily track and correct the work submitted by the students. Tied to Technogrips’s powerful reporting features, the assignments can be a great way for teachers to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each student.

Online Exams

Technogrips allows schools and colleges to create and conduct exams online. Our software lets you create a time bound exam with a variety of questions which you can assign to students. Even if your school relies on paper and pen exams in keeping with Government norms, Technogrips’s examination module can be used to prepare students through practice exams which the students can take at their convenience. The results of these exams can be exported into academic report cards and can also be communicated to parents through SMS and email.