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Library Management Software

Library Management Software

Automate library processes and make it easier to access books

MyClassboard takes your library online and allows you to catalog your entire library, automate issuing of books, track books that have been loaned and also allows students to identify available books and request them. Leveraging the power of cloud computing, MyClassboard school management software imports all the data relating to your library assets including books, CDs, audio tapes and any other media that is a part of your library onto the database. The MyClassboard library interface is very easy to use and, powered by the strong MyClassboard software, brings you results of book queries in a snap.

Online book reservations

Staff and students can browse through the library online and reserve the books they would like to borrow and read. This allows librarians the power to manage the library better and keep track of all the books that have been borrowed and returned to the library. Any library fees or late returning dues by students can also be easily tracked. A separate reporting feature helps librarians keep track of books loaned, books expected and any other parameter that your institution uses to manage your library.

Alerts to defaulters

The library management system is incorporated with all the communication tools used throughout MyClassboard such as email and SMS notifications. This allows librarians to track defaulters and send alerts to them requesting they return the books they have borrowed.