Transforming Education with Technology

Mobile Application

Mobile Application

Mobile phone is no longer a luxury but a mandatory device for people to 'stay tuned' to the outside world. Not only this, it has become indispensable for for any company to have a sophisticated and an advanced version of mobile app to make the product offering complete. Technogrips/SmartClass's sophisticated mobile app would click instantly with the student and teacher community for the variety of latest updates and the useful information it can disseminate. Empower your students and teachers with more opportunities with Technogrips/SmartClass.

Help keep alumni connected to campus and even show off your institution to prospective students and their parents. Everyone will have everything they need right on the mobile devices they already rely on. With our Mobile solutions, you can implement easy mobile solutions that have the power to take education farther than you ever imagined.

Introducing Technogrips/SmartClass Mobile version!

Technogrips/SmartClass has developed an open and extensible Mobile platform that can be extended across an entire organization or used for specific programs. Our mobile platform includes a collection of mobile learning applications that enable students and other users to access their learning programs anywhere, right from their mobile device.

Technogrips/SmartClass Mobile interface is optimized for Mobile browsing and is part of Technogrips/SmartClass Solution. Stay connected to course Content, News, Bookmarks, Grades and Calendars through BlackBerry®, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices.

Learning Anytime and Anywhere

Providing access to content on-the-go is critical for students to catch up on their time and busy schedules. Providing access to their course materials no matter where they are will lead to higher student engagement and success.

With Technogrips/SmartClass Mobile, students can review what they have read in a history of recently viewed topics, or easily identify unread topics they need to catch up on. Content can be bookmarked for reading later on, and automatically synchs up to other online bookmarks.

Staying Connected

Students want to be informed and on-top of what's happening. Stay current with assignment changes, Technogrips/SmartClass Mobile provides instant access to campus news, announcements, events and deadlines the minute they are posted.

Improving Your Performance

Students want an understanding of their academic performance. This is a huge motivator for them! With Technogrips/SmartClass Mobile students can see the latest graded assignments, quizzes, projects and exams they have submitted. There's no need to log in on their laptop or go to the computer lab, it's all right there on their mobile device.