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Scholarship Financial Aid Management Software

Scholarship Financial Aid Management Software

Manage all your scholarship students in one place

Technogrips school management software makes it extremely easy for you to manage all aspects of scholarship and financial aid. The system allows you to build custom tuition plans for scholarship students and also lets you incorporate extra features specific to scholarship and financially aided students.

Documentation and Statutory Reporting

Meet all your statutory requirements including Government rules, with our advanced reporting features. Irrespective of the country your school is based in, Technogrips can be customized to ensure that you do not miss out on any statutory documentation.

Grant Management

Technogrips can create custom grant management module whereby applications of students who have applied for scholarships to your institution can be vetted and verified before the students are enrolled. Once the verification is done, Technogrips can easily enroll the student onto the system and create all required enrollment documents and quickly set the student onto her class schedule. Technogrips thus helps institutions speed up the process of grant and scholarship management by handling all other routine tasks.

Specific login for aid givers

The financial aid providers can be given special access to your institution’s Technogrips school management software. The online dashboard for the aid givers can be customized according to your specifications to include or exclude details pertaining to the students they are funding.