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School Accounting and Reports Software

School Accounting Software

School Accounting and Reports Software

Technogrips’s School Accounting software is a complete Student fee accounting system for all kind of schools, offering unsurpassed integration of student demographic information and financial information:

Technogrips has a comprehensive module to track all information related to the student. Demographic information stays with the student for as long as they are in the district. There is no reason to have to re-key information and all authorized users in the district have access to the data in real time.

Each student is linked to a family and has their own unique identifier. The linking is used for communication with the parent. Parents can have multiple students assigned to them allows them to have access to information on all their children. Report cards, attendance, discipline and progress letters can be sent to multiple locations and parents based on the student's family code.


  • Unlimited Phone Numbers and Addresses
  • Family Grouping
  • Student Activity Information
  • Medical Detail Screens
  • Picture ID Attached to Student's Record
  • Clone Student Address and Phone Information
  • Photo ID Interface
  • Student Fee Information
  • Student Contact Information
  • Search for students by name, year-in-school, gender, birth date or name type
  • Generate eligibility reports

Main Features (to be included?)

  • School accounting software that seamlessly integrates with Technogrips School management system
  • Student information automatically appears in the accounting program, eliminating duplicate data entry.
  • Easy-to-use fee accounting solution for all kind of schools anywhere in the world.
  • Access up-to-date school-wide financial information.
  • Technogrips’s School accounting software is a must-have tool for principals, Financial managers, Accountants, Directors, and other school leaders

Student Fee management

  • Powerful and easy to use Student billing functionality
  • Student invoices based on Courses or Classes
  • Multiple fee types for a student
  • Flexible to create different fee plans
  • Integrated SMS alerts
  • Day sheet Report
  • Handles Staff concessions
  • Student fee refund
  • Fee receipts
  • Bank receipts
  • Listing for invoices, payments, and credit memos
  • Student fee receivable based on fee dues

Financial Reports

  • Robust reporting for schools’ financial reporting needs
  • includes dozens of ready-to-use reports like Student fee report, Feet type wise due reports, Bank reconciliation report, Branch wise day sheet report etc…