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Finance, Billing and Invoicing made easy

School Finance Management Software

Finance, Billing and Invoicing made easy

Technogrips’s finance module is a comprehensive tool that incorporates every aspect of an institution’s finance department. You can enter all data related to incomes and expenses according to your institution’s functioning and use Technogrips to power your institution to greater financial efficiency. The Finance module empowers you by allowing you to drill down to financial records per student and per department. The easy to use billing system avoids duplication, provides on demand reports, and is seamlessly integrated into all the different user capabilities like administrators, accountants, planners and other stakeholders allowing for easy access. The reporting feature always keeps you informed about the financial health of your institution.

Create customized, flexible, detailed tuition plans

Our Customized Tuition plans focuses on assisting our clients in achieving their educational, training and vocational objectives.

Create customized tuition plans using Technogrips school management software that can be assigned to different batches of students. Special scholarship fee plan management was never this easy. Our strong finance system allows you to create specific fee records such as tuition fees, transport fees, hostel fees, kitchen fees and any other necessary income generated. Your tuition plans can now be made for a monthly, bi-monthly, weekly, quarterly or annual payment cycle, along with the possibility to add any other chargeable service that your school or college offers.

Efficient record-keeping and easy invoices

Technogrips keeps all the records of fee transactions and plans on its secure cloud server. The entire Technogrips school management software is customized according to your institution’s needs and the data is recorded in the nomenclature that your school follows. The module is broken up across the board, giving access to users based upon their authority. For example, the students can only view fee data related to themselves and to no one else’s. Invoices and reports can be generated at the click of a button. Students can print out invoices about the fees they have paid at any point of time. Likewise, administrators can print out individualized or batch reports and invoices as per their need.

Budget management

You can easily assign budgets to the different purchasing and expense heads, directly implementing your annual financial plan. The budget feature allows you to keep your expenditure in check. All departments can be listed in reports showing the revenues and expenses by time period.

Inventory Management made easy

Now you can incorporate your entire purchasing department into the Technogrips school management software. Budgets can be allocated to each purchasing department, ensuring that expenses remain in check. Records can be created for each or groups of items purchased, allowing accountants to correctly depreciate and allocate usage.

Easily Generate Income Statements

Manage all your schools incomes and expenses in one place with Technogrips’s Income Statement or Profit and Loss statement module. The Income Statement module allows for all conceivable accounting functions including

  • journal entries
  • petty cash book management
  • bank deposit slips and management
  • bank reconciliation
  • credit and debit card reconciliation
  • cheque issuance recording
  • invoice generation
  • cash receipt recording
  • bank receipt recording
  • bill payment
  • purchase recording
  • asset management and depreciation
  • Statistical reports and revenue forecasts

    Technogrips allows administrators to pull up statistical reports and records on the income and expenses by individual, batch, and branch or for the entire institution. This feature gives you a bird’s eye view of the financial health of your institution and allows you to quickly and easily get into the financial details. Our software also provides you revenue forecasts based on information entered in the Technogrips database. All records relating to amounts due, amounts collected and the detailed break up on incomes and expense by income heads can be shown.