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School Fee Management Software

School Fee Management Software

Simplify and Manage Student Fees and Record Keeping

Parents can view school invoices and submit payment via cash cheque, Challan, online credit card or bank account. The Technogrips module for Student Fee management, provides schools with powerful features that will save administrative staff time in student invoicing, data entry and financial record keeping. Designed for ease-of-use and flexibility, Technogrips Fee Management Software allows school staff to easily handle a wide range of Fee Management tasks - from invoicing and receiving payments online, to tuition plans, financial record keeping and student fee related reporting.

Fee Tracker Overview

  • Design customized tuition plans and payment plans.
  • Time-Saving Batch Entry Features - Convenient batch entry feature lets you batch enter charges and create invoices for groups of students
  • Customized Tuition Plans - Create customized tuition plans: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual, single installment, two installments, three installments etc.. Then, with a few simple steps, apply the appropriate billing plan to all students and pre-create their invoices for the entire year.
  • Easily send SMS and email invoices with only the current charges since last informed.
  • Automatically add an interest debit and fine amounts to all of your school's past due invoices.
  • Leverage the best features of both Tally and Technogrips to improve the efficiency of your school’s business office.
  • Ways to Pay - Choose which methods of payments to accept at your School.
  • Built-in, Customizable Billing Reports

    The powerful, built-in Technogrips Financial Reports let you produce a wide range of customized billing-related letters, notices and reports using any information stored in Billing Plus and the Technogrips database:

  • Payment request letters and overdue account notices.
  • Invoices, customized receipts and invoices.
  • Create invoices, letters, forms, notices, reports and other documents directly from the Technogrips System.
  • Produce daily receipt reports, statistical and financial reports.
  • Project anticipated revenue for the year.
  • Financial reports and aging reports.
  • Statements - either single or combined (for families with several students).
  • Technogrips already includes numerous, pre-defined statements, invoices and more. You can customize these, and also create your own. Save your customized templates for future use.
  • The intuitive design organizes it all on one screen: Invoices, Future Charges, Advance Payments, Current Charges, Current Payments, Current Amount Due and Past Due Amounts.
  • Obtain your projected revenue for the coming year. This amount includes both current and future amounts due. When statements are sent, you have the option of including the future charges amount so that parents will know what costs they need to anticipate.
  • Produce sophisticated statistical reports analyzing and summarizing billing information by code (tuition, meals, lab fees), and financial statements summarizing billing information and projecting anticipated annual revenue.