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Student Attendance Management Software

Student Attendance Management Software

Technogrips’s competent software helps you manage your student and staff attendance easily. With this attendance software, student and teacher attendance becomes very easy to capture and maintain. Technogrips allows schools and colleges of all sizes to manage the daily attendance of students and teachers in an easy to use interface. Our attendance management software allows you to easily enter students’ attendance, create reports of the time period you wish to, send an SMS to parents about their ward’s absence and maintain a log of the students’ attendance.

The attendance management process of this attendance software can be integrated with biometric and access card system as well. Reports about absent students or those reporting late can be generated and even a notification can be sent to their parents with this attendance management software. Thus, this powerful attendance management software provides parents with first hand information about their wards bunking or genuinely taking a day off from school The attendance management module can also be used to view attendance reports. While students and parents can view only the concerned student's attendance, teachers have access to the entire class attendance.

Not just for students Technogrips also allows you to record the attendance of teachers which is seamlessly integrated into the HR module, making management of leaves and substitutes easier.

Give attendance

Teachers and operators can easily give students attendance for each subject making it easier to track attendance. Attendance can be given for the entire day or for each period, for individual students and in batches. Teachers can now record attendance daily as well as give monthly attendance. Biometric integration allows you to make the task of attendance taking even easier as biometric devices can be linked to the Technogrips school and college management software. You can also take staff attendance and link the same with the salaries of respective teachers. This automates the process of salary allocation and pay- slip management.

Access attendance online

Our cloud based system (accessible from anywhere as it is a delivery system and not a product) allows you to access attendance of students from anywhere. Now you no longer need to consult attendance registers as your online data is easily available to you through the internet. You can edit, view and compare attendance easily through our online school attendance system. The class teacher, head of department, principal and director of your school or college can access the attendance of students online from your login. Parents can also be given a special login to access their child’s attendance data.

Attendance reports

You can use the Technogrips school attendance software to track students individually or to track whole sections. The Technogrips school management software makes it easy for you to make meaningful interpretations from all the data it collects through a comprehensive, on demand report generation module. Technogrips allows you to:

  • Create on demand reports of student and teacher attendance
  • Track attendance by period
  • The reports can be easily exported in pdf or excel formats
  • The reports can either be for individual students or for the entire class
Notify parents via SMS

The attendance management module of Technogrips is integrated with an SMS module allowing you to quickly send an SMS to parents notifying them of their ward’s absence. Combined with the reporting feature, teachers and parents can use the attendance software to plan better for their child’s education. SMSes can be sent at any point of time and from virtually all modules of Technogrips. You can assign daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly text messages/SMS in advance and allocate the time they need to be sent.

Technogrips’s Parent Portal allows parents and students to access information regarding grades, assignments, attendance, all in a secure environment. Parents can sign on and have access to all their children's information. Parent Portal facilitates communication between student, parents and teachers. The system is fully integrated with Technogrips and provides real time information without any unnecessary data transfers. The information flows seamless to the parent portal.


  • Single sign-on allows access to all children linked to the family
  • View Grades, Attendance, Assignments and much more
  • No up loading of data
  • Real time data access for parents
  • Simple, Point and Click Screens