Transforming Education with Technology

Student Certificate Generator Software

Technogrips offers an integrated Grade Book (Assessment/ Progress Report/ Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) package that allows teachers to track assignment, test and attendance. The grade book utilizes a user or School-defined grading scale to calculate a student's grade. The grade book is fully integrated populating the database with the final grade, which produces the report card. Administrators and parents with the proper security can access the information and easily track student progress. The Grades Module produces all necessary grade, performance and transcript reports. The system empowers the student, counselors and parents to track graduation requirements.


  • Review transcripts on screen or paper
  • Cumulative GPA
  • Transcripts span multiple terms and multiple years
  • Transcripts show courses both taken and transferred
  • Integrated web based grade book
  • Graduation Requirements Check
  • Input Grades and Progress via the Web

Making an award certificate is easy with Technogrips’s Award Certificate Maker. Just follow the instructions at each step. After you have completed the certificate, click on "Generate Certificate" and your certificate will be displayed, be it Bonafide, Transfer certificate, No dues certificate- separate standards/template fo laboratory, library, canteen etc Income Tax certificate, Residence proof certificate etc are also just a click away.