Transforming Education with Technology

Time tables and Scheduling

Software to Easily schedule classes and activities

Scheduling is a time-consuming process and an effortful task for the coordinator. To do this on a daily basis is certainly a tedious task. If given a choice the coordinator likes to have an alternative and Technogrips’s provides this. Technogrips’s powerful scheduling software makes management of classes, teachers and substitutes extremely easy. It’s easy to use interface is backed by powerful technology making it the most stable platform to schedule timetables for all your classes. The entire school management software is interlinked so that any changes made to the timetable of a class immediately reflect in the timetables of students and teachers. Things automatically fall in place with this user-friendly management system which saves your time and energy.

Create a flexible timetable

With growing classroom demands it is important that the timetable lends itself to changes and is flexible enough for the operators to customize it as per their needs. Technogrips’s timetable builder allows you to create the perfect schedule according to your needs.Our tool is very flexible and allows you to schedule periods of different lengths instead of a single fixed length period. So now, you can schedule classes of varying lengths and notify students and teachers of the same!(sample) This module is very easy to use,. A data entry wizard helps you entering the basic data of your school/college/institution. Define exactly which teacher is available at what time. Or avoid the scheduling of one subject/period which falls in the last hour of the school. Combine any amount of teachers, classes and subjects to one lesson. (Look at the Demo) and change this as per the need of the day.

Schedule classes as well as extracurricular activities

There is no school which excludes extra curricular activities today. It not only helps to track the students attending the CCAs but also follow those not-so-serious students who skip their classes! Technogrips’s policing helps you watch the students closely and allows you to schedule classes, study hours, game sessions, music practice and a host of other extracurricular activities. Our robust scheduling software ensures that you can easily allocate time for all round development of students and easily track the amount of time spent on these activities.

Balance your school’s timetable and teacher workload

A school is judged by the activities and not sheer academics. Increased activities mean doubled work-load for the teachers who are drained out by the end of the day. To sustain their energy levels Technogrips has come up with a brilliant workload management and class allocation which is as easy as a few clicks on the screen. Being a fully integrated system, Technogrips’s timetable scheduling software identifies and notifies you of all the staff who are on leave so that you can quickly assign substitutes. A balanced workload is essential for a teacher to perform best. Technogrips’s scheduling software helps you create a balanced daily workload for each teacher. Once the timetable for each class has been assigned, the timetable for the teachers is automatically generated, removing the need for manually creating teacher timetables.

The teaching staff usually spends a lot of time in timetable generation and timetable management. Technogrips’s School Management System captures all parameters used in creating a school timetable and automatically creates one with its timetable generation tool. This dexterous software helps to make the necessary changes in the timetable as and when necessary depending on the availability of teachers, substitutes, students, technicians, classrooms and lessons Manual Correction of Timetable can be made after the timetable is automatically generated, as per the defined rules and constrains as well as availability of all school resources.