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Transport and Fleet Management Software

Transport and Fleet management software is mandatory for all those massive institutions which man fleet of transport, from two to four wheelers. It not only provides centralized and systematic operation software but also ensures high-efficiency and low-cost.

It manages scheduling, repair orders and histories, fuel costs, cost control with cost per km/hour. It also helps you to manage inventory control, service schedules etc. In addition to this, Technogrips’s Transport and Fleet Management assists in budget, warranty, tyre and vendor management. It also helps to supervise labour control, license/permit renewals, driver control, fleet benchmarking

The application can interface very easily with other local and third party software’s components.

Our Special Vehicle Tracking System allows the Department to track, trace and monitor their vehicles in real time using GSM/GPRS technology. It sends the location address to a central server at a pre-defined interval. It also sends alerts to the computer or to a mobile phone whenever an exceptional event has occurred such as erratic vehicle movements, excessive speeding etc.

This matchless feature of our system enables the parent and school management to track the school bus once it has left the campus or the pick-up points.