AngularJS: Advantages and Use Case situations

AngularJS is among the foremost wide used technologies in the internet application development nowadays. For starters, the JavaScript front-end application framework was developed and maintained by Google. If you’re searching for a strong app development resolution, Angular.js development services might stumble upon as a good resolution. It’s a JavaScript-based open supply front end internet framework addressing challenges encountered in developing applications.

Let’s discuss the advantages of AngularJS Development :

  • Supports a wider community: Developers will discern the suitable resolution for fixing problems and clients will choose the development teams as needed. It exposes voluminous opportunities for each app developers and the clients.
  • Easy to understand: AngularJS is fairly simple to understand and simple to keep up. It’s this simplicity that gives further advantages wherever clients will typically build changes.
  • Custom Solutions: whereas writing the code, mobile app developers are literally not needed to feature all the libraries at a time and add further modifications. It comes with readymade and versatile solutions that may be used among the app. Custom-made solutions like module practices will be used.
  • Comprehensive Testing: AngularJS permits mobile app developers to code likewise as produce the code from the remainder of the app.

Highlights of AngularJS 7


The different options that distinguish Angular 7 from the previous Angular versions embrace the following:

  • Angular components elements currently support content projection via slots.
  • Improves app performance by automatically adding or removing the replicate information polyfill.
  • Angular CLI will prompt users with the CLI Prompts capability to assist build choices. Command line interface documentation has been integrated into the most docs.
  • By exploitation the default bundle budgets, users can get warned whenever if the app exceeds 2MB. However, just in case the initial bundle exceeds 5MB it’ll show as a mistake.

Features of AngularJS

Angular 7, is that the new major version of the net common framework released by Google. This latest version offers a host of latest options like CLI Prompts, Angular Budgets, Virtual Scroll, Drag and Drop, and more.

Angular Budgets

This feature of Angular Budgets permits developers to line budget thresholds or limits in Angular.js on configuration and ensures application stays well among limit. Budget has received enhancements associated with performance in Angular 7. Once exploitation the default bundle budgets, users gets warning each and every time the app exceeds 2MB and there’ll be a mistake if the initial bundle exceeds 5MB.

The Angular CLI

Angular js cli

Angular 7 provides a command-line interface (CLI) tool for developers to initiate, develop and maintain Angular apps to prompt developers to run common commands planning to facilitate developers discover integral options.

Drag and Drop

The Drag and Drop element lets developers to create drag and drop practicality in a developer-friendly approach. According to Angular team “The @angular/cdk/drag-drop module provides you with the way to simply and declaratively produce drag-and-drop interfaces, with support for free of charge dragging, sorting among a listing, transferring things between lists, animations, touch devices, custom drag handles, previews, and placeholders, additionally to horizontal lists and lockup on an axis”.

AngularJS Use Cases

  • On-demand video streaming apps: it’s the most effective choice for developing such apps. The foremost outstanding examples are YouTube and Netflix.
  • User Review Apps: These applications offer crucial data to the users regarding the actions they’re fascinated by taking. With review apps, it’s simple to spot the most effective solutions and save resources in term of cash.
  • Travel Apps: Since these apps involve dynamic options, AngularJS helps in developing refined travel apps.
  • Weather Apps: AngularJS permits the developers to develop an interactive display and helps in playing time period activities with optimized quality.
  • Content portals apps: AngularJS offers the practicality of handling an enormous quantity of information, posts, and user data.


If you’re aiming to develop and implement superior web & mobile technologies, consider Angular as the economical, up-to-date development framework. AngularJS emerges as a winner within the modern times attributable to such vast advantages, however one should consult the correct AngularJS Development Company or specialists before proceeding with app development.

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