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1. Our core focus is to deliver excellent software

Agile methodology is adopted for software development. Customer is provided a prototype of the product at an early stage. So client get an idea about the look and feel of the final product and can make decision and request changes in the project.

2. Your business objectives are our primary goal

Business analyst ensures that project is well aligned to your business objectives.

3. Every penny invested will be counted

Our team thrives to keep the cost to quality ratio at its best. We ensure that engineers who could deliver supreme result handle the project. Our tech team comprises of Certified Developers ,ISTQB Certified Testers who works cocurrenly to deliver the product.


If you are aiming to:

  • Deliver user experience to your customers.
  • Bring value add to your existing business.
  • Implement automation to any of your complex business process

1. Connect with Technogrips

  • Our business advisor will provide you the resolutions required for your business IT concerns.
  • We understand your requirement and discuss over your expectations.
  • Conduct a feasibility study to determine the timelines and budget.
  • Sign off the contract and allocate a team for you.

2. Kick start the project

Project manager will be assigned ,who will be the primary point of contact. Daily or weekly status will be provided by him.

  • Project will be broken down into different modules.Set the success criteria.
  • Wireframe will be developed .It defines the core functionality.
  • Prototype of the end product will be provided before actual coding starts. Prototype is a clickable version of the final product. So the client get to feel its user experience.

3. Work status updates

Frequent report will be provided by the team. So the tracking can be done easily about the progress:

  • Weekly release will be provided to the client.
  • With every sprint a potentially shippable software will be delivered.
  • Demo will be provided for every major functionality implemented.
  • Any change request according to your business adjustment can be made.

4. Product Launch

After completion of the final testing the product will be deployed to live server . Technogrips will provide you with the proper support for deciding on the right time for the software to go live.

  • React to changes if required

5. Maintenance & support

After product launch the client could opt for maintenance and upgradation . To make digital business even better:

  • Customer reviews are monitored to make improvements in the product to achieve business goals.
  • Improve user experience by working on the feedback received from the users so as to provide more value add to the product.
  • Research and adopt to latest technology for improved the features, so you can dominate the market.

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