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1. We focus on delivering excellent software

We make use of the agile methodology for software development where different development processes are iterated. The requirements and solutions are derived through the collaboration of functional teams. By providing a prototype early on, the client’s changing requirements can be adapted for their competitive advantage.

2. Your objective is our goal

We ensure that your business objectives are met with timely delivery without compromising on the business value through quality and cost-effective solutions.

3. Every penny is worth the investment

We have a dedicated team that is responsible for implementing the strategy, roadmap and feature definition for our products. Our team comprises of Analysts, Certified Developers, ISTQB Certified Testers who work hand in hand to ensure quality and on-time delivery.


If you are looking to:

  • Transform your business processes
  • Deliver excellent user experience to customers
  • Add value to your business
  • Ensure consistency and productivity

1. Connect with Technogrips

  • Our team can discuss and bring out solutions that address your concerns
  • We understand your requirements
  • Our methodologies adapt to your changing needs for that competitive edge
  • We do a system analysis to determine the timelines and budget
  • Sign the deal and get a dedicated team up for you

2. Initiate the project

  • Once the requirements are identified, the project is broken down into modules or small incremental builds
  • The architecture is defined through wireframing
  • A prototype is prepared and presented to the client for a preview

3. Work status updates

Frequent reports provided by the team enables easy tracking of the progress:

  • An intimation of the project progress is provided on a weekly basis
  • Sprints or modules are delivered to the client for feedback
  • A demo will be provided for every major functionality implemented
  • Changes in business requirements are also accommodated

4. Product Launch

The product sums up everything from the design, positioning, and development. It also involves training, and support, which is meticulously taken care of by the team at Technogrips. The product is deployed on a live server.

  • We are welcome to changes.

5. Maintenance & support

Support and maintenance services help in the better utilization of the product or solution and leverage them to the core. We offer reliable support and maintenance services as per our client requirements.

  • Timely audit on areas that require improvement and enhancement
  • Re-engineering and customization to resolve functionalities and improve user experience
  • Support in introducing innovative aspects into the product that adds value to the purpose of its creation

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