AI-based ERP system - new opportunities also for medium-sized companies

AI-based ERP system - new opportunities also for medium-sized companies

Sunith Kumar

Mon, July 27

Technogrips offers Odoo Development Services, Odoo ERP development, ERP for manufacturing companies using AI. Since AI is becoming increasingly important as part of digitization. In principle, artificial intelligence functions as an essential key technology for digitization and digital transformation. This applies above all to the ERP systems that represent the digital process and data hub. Here, too, the respective systems are increasingly being consistently enriched with AI features and technologies.


Solutions with AI components are in the starting blocks


The offer in the ERP environment is still comparatively manageable, but it is foreseeable that use cases around enterprise resource planning will gain in importance in the future. And not only that - corresponding AI applications will have many different facets. So you can assume that AI-supported data analytics, search engines, forecasting systems, machine translations, knowledge-based expert systems and, for example, bots will find their way into business applications .


The entire ERP landscape is facing a sustainable change


The experts agree: In the context of digital transformation and the associated integration of artificial intelligence, the entire ERP landscape will change significantly in the future. The economy can already rely on technology approaches related to artificial intelligence that offer extremely exciting potential. Google is powering new technology-driven solutions like Flutter which supports some of the features of AI and machine learning. As a Flutter app development company  Technogrips is highly investing in AI-driven future projects.


Whether cloud-based ERP systems, on-premise ERP or individually tailored solutions for groups, large companies and also SMEs - the options for companies and traders in the Enterprise Resource Planning segment have developed noticeably and offer you flexible, high-quality support for digital optimization of work scenarios and processes.


IT specialists predict the beneficial use of AI


But what can be expected in the future? What can AI do in combination with an ERP system in the next few years? The researchers and developers involved agree on this. The AI ​​will provide a real boost when it comes to working with ERP systems. These optimizations of the current ERP technology standard are conceivable in the short term: 

  • automated real-time translations taking into account the context and content of the conversation,
  • fully automated customer contacts,
  • content-related quality control in the service area,
  • individual data analysis of selected events,
  • targeted satisfaction analyzes including automated forecasting of customer complaints,
  • automatic evaluation of device and machine data
  • The complete takeover of project planning and control by the AI.



Current application scenarios are just the first steps


With regard to the short-term integration of AI in ERP systems and themes, it becomes clear that a comparatively broad range of applications is conceivable even at this advanced stage of development. But - and here too the IT specialists are certain - the outlined use cases are just a first step into a digitized world full of potential and opportunities.


Big Data - indispensable for working efficiently with AI


Medium-sized companies in particular can benefit from the possibilities of AI in an ERP system. However, you should keep in mind that the implementation is always tied to certain requirements. You can only work efficiently with AI-based ERP systems if they are actually given. Because the respective algorithms require a large amount of data in order to ultimately generate decision-making. So you have to make sure that the algorithms have permanent access to large amounts of data.


Medium-sized companies often still lack data volume



AI experts see this as a serious problem for medium-sized companies. Accordingly, the majority of medium-sized companies do not yet have a sufficient amount of company data. As long as the amount of data does not yet correspond to the required volume, modern AI technologies for ERP systems will first reach their limits.


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