What is Artificial Intelligence Exactly?

Linto John

Mon, August 19

Artificial Intelligence has entered the consciousness of every industry for the past few years. Businesses of various magnitudes have started considering Artificial Intelligence in solving various business problems. Earlier, only large corporates or organizations could afford investing in Artificial Intelligence but now the scenario has changed rapidly. Now startup companies and smaller organizations can embrace this technology for solving their in-house business issues along with the large corporates. AI can be used to resolve problems within the corporate board. Artificial Intelligence can help businesses improve customer experience,automate work processes, detect fraudulent transactions, increase sales and provide predictive analysis. Industries like financial services, health care, logistics and automotive have a lot to gain by implementation of Artificial Intelligence. By arming Health care service providers with better tools for early diagnostics using AI will be very effective preventive mechanism. AI based process automation can prove beneficial for financial services as well as for fraudulent transaction detection. Companies doing logistics can improvise their delivery management system and better their inventory cay utilization of Artificial Intelligence. The retail business can map consumer behavior using Artificial Intelligence. Usage of smart grids and smart meters by utilities can lead to decrease of power consumption which shows how cost-effective the application of Artificial Intelligence can prove itself to be in the industrial sector.

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