Augmented reality truly shaking up the landscape

Augmented reality truly shaking up the landscape

Manu George

Tue, August 27

Augmented reality is the blending of interactive digital elements with the physical real-world environment with superimposed computer-generated images, thus changing the perception of reality. Your to-do list could be made so much interesting when you discover new ways of experiencing things you couldn't imagine doing before in the real world before augmented reality. It is still often perceived as the science-fiction out of Hollywood movies, for most people.

"The World is Not Enough," James Bond movies they have been speaking about AR experience. So augmented reality is often perceived as a kind of futuristic technology. But a form of it has been around for years, in the 1990s fighter aircraft used it to show information about the attitude, direction, and speed of the plane which is simply a form of AR. 

Augmented reality is incredibly useful for solving everyday problems and its one technology that's truly shaking up the landscape. AR adds sounds, videos, animated holograms, interactive displays, and virtual 3D models to an existing environment and thereby blurring the lines of reality. AR creates an artificial environment that shows dazzling visual overlays, buzzy haptic feedback, or other sensory projections. Engineers and tech companies around the world are working on it to bring better customer experience in AR.

How does AR work? 

With augmented reality, the entire world around you is colorfully bright. Pokemon Go was one among them which was designed so immersively that it sent millions of kids and adults alike walking on the street. The devices themselves contain software, sensors and digital projectors that trigger animated displays by superimposing an image onto a user's view making the real and virtual worlds are tightly coupled.  

AR can be created and consumed in many different forms. It is not just limited to mobile devices or desktops.  Google Glass, a wearable computer integrated eyeglasses, which has an interactive head-mounted display will help you witness augmented reality in action. A virtual object is displayed on your screen on top of the real-world image. You can immerse yourself in entertainment by interacting with virtual objects as if they're in your surroundings. Which is simply unimaginable.

The game "Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery" lets users see the Hogwarts world around them. The ability to cast spells and to learn from Hogwarts teachers were the main attraction that triggered millions of downloads when the game was released in 2018.

Pepsi Prank - AR-enabled

AR-enabled bus stop display was designed by PepsiCo to prank travelers. See it for yourself.

Disney's Creativity

Disney developed technology that makes coloring book characters come alive in 3D while coloring. It shows how the same AR technology could be applied in learning to make it more exciting. Augmented reality is endlessly entertaining and fun too. It could be a part and parcel in education using interactive models for learning and training purposes.

Tactical Augmented Reality - Army

Improved situational awareness training is provided in U.S Army by using “Tactical Augmented Reality (TAR), it helps soldiers precisely locate their positions as well as their friend's locations.

It will alert soldiers to see in the dark. If you have ever watched the movie "Iron Man" you could find him pointing his weapon to the image in the targets displayed. Along with the images it also shows information such as the identified name, distance to the target, etc which can be seen through the AR display. 

Lenskart- Indian AR Smart Glasses

Using your camera it'll show you what a frame looks like on your face. So even if some of the frames are not readily available in the store it could be tried on using AR. Indian Startups are tapping the potential of AR to give better mileage to the brand. 

Other potential areas for AR include:

  • Medicine/healthcare
  • Tourism
  • Retail Etc.

The possibilities of AR tech are limitless has it could transform how you learn, play, work and connect with almost everything around you. It makes you look up and see the world with a different lens and this is just the beginning.

Welcome to a new world.

If you're interested in developing your AR apps, Unity is the best tool.
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