Automation Testing for speedy delivery

Automation Testing for speedy delivery

Sunith Kumar

Wed, April 1

Some time ago software testing was viewed as inessential however today testing is considered important as development!.  Automation Testing is a procedure of automating the practical and non-utilitarian conduct of an application. It doesn't require such huge numbers of manual contributions. Automation Testing needs an instrument for achieving the testing procedure, by building the test scenarios for the particular experiments in like manner programming dialects relying upon the kind of the device utilized.

Before understanding the requirement for Automation Testing let us think about a situation. Assume there is an extremely enormous undertaking that follows Agile methodology, for example, improvement of the product is done in different life cycles and some new highlights are executed each time in the new release. For a huge Regression suite, we need laborers for any event and 2-3 days to finish it. For such circumstances, automation Testing came into the image. Automated test suite having all the regression experiments and can give 100% precision and can set aside cash by diminishing the assets required to run that test suite. 

Automation testing is done to reduce the additional time which is squandered in playing out the equivalent tedious errand, which can be exhausting.

How Automation Testing is Carried Out? 
Automation testing requires legitimate arranging and procedure to be followed for the execution of test cases. Steps to be followed in Automation testing are given underneath: 

1. Determination of Testing instrument 

When you make a certain move to Automate from manual testing, the Selection of test instruments is the first and consequently one of the most significant assignments. 
In spite of the fact that there are various test instruments accessible in the market yet it is required to do finish investigation before the choice of any test apparatus as indicated by the necessities of the venture. Will the device gives an improved detailing? 

2. Characterizing the extent of Automation 

Besides, it is essential to identify the extent of automation in a specific task. It essentially implies the determination of experiments that should be automated and the degree to which application can bolster the Automation of the project. 

3. Arranging, Design, and Development 

After the determination of test tools and the experiments for Automation, test cases and test suites are made and arrangments is done considering different situations like when the automation Script ought to be run for the expected test result. 
Test cases are made ought to incorporate all the test situations having different situations. It helps in finding the bugs effectively and troubleshoot them. 
Cases describe the total experiments that ought to be made acutely so as to guarantee a smooth stream and no human intercession. 

4. Test Execution 

The execution of the test cases are made for the above experiments which are executed either legitimately through the testing software. Experiments ought to be executed so as to check if any of the contents are bombing in the middle because of certain progressions made in the application. 

5. Support

After the execution of test cases, test results can be viewed in the test software, determining the status of each scenario. A few alteration can be made in the current inputs . So it is imperative to keep up the entire test suite in each discharge for the successful outcomes.

Testing tools

Open source test automation tool offering help for different dialects like Java, Python, Ruby, C#, and so forth. Gives recording and playback office to Testing. Supports various programs, we have to just introduce the driver records. Supports various platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac, Permits running of numerous experiments one after another. If you want to create robust, browser-based regression automation suites and tests, scale and distribute scripts across many environments use Selenium.

Gives the total highlights to automation API, Mobile and Web application testing. Supports testing of an application on numerous stages like Windows, Linux, Mac, and so on.  It gives an incorporated domain that makes it simpler for the two designers and analyzers to coordinate and convey various structures and libraries. Supports many implicit highlights to ease testing and furthermore permits both SOAP and RESTful API testing. 

Perhaps the greatest advantage of automation testing offered by Technogrips Technologies is the quick delivery of results which spares a ton of time. 

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Our experienced tester can provide bug report that is created during testing. Giving the developers the opportunity to do an early fix saving time and cost.

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