Digital Marketing Workshops for retailers

Digital Marketing Workshops for retailers

Aswany Roy

Fri, May 1

Due to the regional lockdown regulations by Covid-19, almost all retailers are forced to cease operations for the time being. Falling sales revenues and resulting consequences are forcing retailers to rethink and act quickly so that they can run their businesses through the crisis. To remain visible to customers, an online presence is extremely important. But what to do if you don't have your website yet? Or have you not yet dealt with social media and online advertising measures?

The digital marketing experts from Technogrips will present a virtual and interactive full-day training on how you can give your business more stability. With selected online marketing strategies to face the challenges after the crisis are now important. Our digital training is aimed at all retailers and trade organizations across all industries. It can be booked as a company course or for individuals in a training group of at least five to a maximum of 20 participants.

We have identified the following topics, which can be implemented quickly for you business and are at the same time the most promising:

1.  Customer behavior: How do you use the opportunities of online trading to gain new customers in times of crisis and to keep in touch with existing customers?
2.  Channels, content, and tracking: How do Google help to make your own website and social media visible online ?
3.  Goals and target group: Which goals and target groups have to be defined to reach exactly the right customers?
4.  Campaign planning: Which 5 steps are sufficient for a successful online campaign?
5.  Budget planning: What costs are to be expected and how do I use them in which channels?

Additional services: How can business video can be set up and GoogleMyBusiness used?
You will also receive documents on all the topics.

We look forward to an exciting workshop with you! Please drop an email to [email protected]
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