Mobile solutions in ERP systems

Mobile solutions in ERP systems

Manu George

Mon, July 27

Smart and customized ERP systems are an integral part of the IT landscapes of many companies today. These intelligent systems often form the heart of the company and make everyday work easier for employees and customers. Due to increasing digitization, the mobile availability of ERP systems is becoming increasingly important. Permanent networking and the provision of up-to-date data that can be called up and edited by any employee regardless of location is not a distant dream of the future, but often already a reality. But what are the concrete advantages of mobile solutions, what are the requirements that have to be considered during implementation and what challenges do companies face? 


Advantages of mobile solutions within ERP systems


Functions that are provided by an ERP system always have a very high benefit for the company that uses the system. Mobile solutions within ERP systems can increase this benefit and also bring cost savings and increased efficiency. These advantages are of great interest not only for corporations, but also for medium-sized companies. Mobile applications make it possible for employees to work anywhere and in real time thanks to intelligent apps on smartphones or tablets. The data is stored centrally in the cloud, which in turn significantly reduces the risk of data loss, which can arise, for example, from faulty hardware or insufficient backups. In addition, mobile applications also lead to higher customer satisfaction, since the sales representative can place new customer orders or necessary orders for repairs on site. Thanks to the improved response times to customer inquiries and problems and the increased flexibility and agility, this creates real added value for the customer and for the employee, which in turn is reflected in increased customer and employee satisfaction. 


What options do mobile solutions offer?


Mobile solutions can be used in a wide variety of areas, with a whole range of application areas particularly for technicians in the field and for employees who are often on a business trip or use the home office. Mobile solutions aim to ensure that information is exchanged via uniform interfaces and a single touchpoint, which can prevent inconsistencies and redundancies. 


Mobile solutions in the field


Sales representatives in particular benefit from new and modern mobile solutions. This means that employees not only have access to all information about all products at all times, but also to the internal ticket system and the entire customer history. The data retrieved can be adapted and updated on site at any time if necessary, which in turn leads to improved data quality. This enables the creation of individual cost estimates directly on site, without having to additionally assign an office worker with this task. 


Information advantage thanks to mobile connection


A mobile connection can do much more than just provide data access. For example, necessary spare parts for repair orders can be compared directly with the warehouse and ordered if necessary. In addition, many apps also allow feedback, service reports or logbooks to be recorded. The resulting time advantages have a positive impact on order processing, accounting and returns management, whereby process optimization and the development of new business areas are also possible. 


What are the challenges of mobile solutions?


The biggest challenges in the field of mobile solutions are data security and the creation of uniform interfaces. The transmitted data must be transmitted securely and encrypted, with additional security measures, such as access solutions using PIN codes, becoming increasingly popular. In addition to the technical security concept, there must also be a process definition that regulates which employees have access to which data. In addition, the effort for the creation, further development and maintenance of the necessary apps and the associated costs should not be underestimated, whereby the costs generally pay for themselves relatively quickly due to the longevity of ERP systems with well-thought-out planning. 




Mobile solutions within ERP systems have long ceased to be a niche topic and more and more companies are trying to integrate mobile solutions into their ERP systems. Comprehensively and carefully implemented, a smart connection of apps not only improves communication and productivity but also increases customer satisfaction, which opens up completely new business areas in the long term.


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