Odoo ERP: The world's leading open source corporate solution is convincing

Odoo ERP: The world's leading open source corporate solution is convincing

Sunith Kumar

Mon, July 6

The ERP market has changed a lot in recent years. In the meantime, solutions are available for almost all industries and company sizes. One system that stands out particularly positively is Odoo ERP. It is the world's leading open source business software. What are the advantages of the solution in detail?

Odoo ERP with extraordinary additional functions
Purchasing, sales, warehousing, production and accounting: these areas are the basic structure of most companies. Accordingly, modules of this type can often be found in classic ERP systems. The range of functions of Odoo ERP, also known as Open ERP, goes far beyond these traditional features. It has extensive integrations in CRM, web, e-commerce, PMS and MRP, which means that it covers all requirements for a comprehensive corporate solution. A particular focus is on simplifying the core processes of purchasing and sales. However, there are numerous other popular functions.

Impressive range of functions
Thanks to Odoo's modern and user-friendly interface, the system is easy to use for users and provides easy integration for Odoo development company. It supports functions such as drag & drop or eSign to electronically sign documents. The modular structure enables Odoo to be freely configured according to the needs of every company and to scale the system. Since Odoo is browser-based and fully mobile, every user can work comfortably on the go. All that is needed is Internet access and a computer.

Strengths also in manufacturing and warehousing

Also in production has ODOO ERP individual strengths. Here, for example, the software supports time recording at the workplace. In addition, documents such as drawings, work instructions and order changes can be displayed in real time at the machine workstation. Important components such as quality inspection, maintenance, MRP and PLM are fully integrated.
Odoo ERP can be used to order and inventory-related order rules or production planning to automate orders. Throughput times, routines and conditions can also be used to optimize the inventory.

Overall, Odoo ERP convinces with its flexibility and adaptability. The wide range of functions enables all software requirements of a company to be met with just one fully integrated system. Furthermore, the software is cheaper than other medium-sized solutions. 

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