Online shops rely on chatbots - customer advice like in a shop

Online shops rely on chatbots - customer advice like in a shop

Manu George

Wed, June 10

Companies, whose trademark is excellent advice, are particularly suffering from the current crisis. Many shops therefore rely on chatbots in order to offer customers professional advice as in a specialty shop. Such an AI can be easily integrated into a shop system and learns continuously. Many users state that their conversion rate has increased noticeably through the use of such digital technologies.

Digital product consultants in e-commerce

Companies with a wide range of products rely on providing their customers with professional, comprehensive and individual advice. However, this is difficult in times of contact blocking. To ensure that the target group in the online world receives the most accurate advice possible, many online shops rely on digital product consultants. For example, chatchamp has developed a solution based on a chatbot that enables product advice in the web shop.

A digital product consultant works with a questionnaire. Here the customers provide some information so that the consultant can assess them. Based on the answers to these questions, certain products are then recommended. As with personal advice in a shop, all products are tailored to the needs of customers and their individual wishes.

The conversion rate can be significantly improved with chatbots

Initial deployments show that digital consultants are very well received by people . The customer experience improves significantly when customers do not have to laboriously search for their products in the online shop themselves, but are offered suitable product suggestions. This makes purchasing individual and efficient, which many buyers appreciate. Experience shows that the conversion rate of shops with a digital consultant is about twice as high as for shops without a corresponding solution.

Typically, 10% of customers who come to a website use the digital advisor to search for products. 70% of these users carry out the advice until the end, reports The sales of the offered products show that the chatbot is usually correct with its suggestions. The AI is therefore able to assess customers based on the information they provide and provide advice as required.

The digital consultant keeps learning

A digital consultant has many advantages. One of them is that such an AI can be easily implemented in your own web shop. Without a long training period, the tool is able to advise customers and increase sales. Any necessary adjustments and extensions can also be made easily. The chatbot can therefore be used directly and hardly needs to be maintained and maintained. He works around the clock so that customers can be offered interactive advice at any time of the day or night.

In addition, a chatbot continues to learn. He expands his domain knowledge and uses it to make meaningful product recommendations. There is also the option of coupling the AI with Google Analytics and thus accessing valuable statistics and analysis data. The collected customer data can also be transferred to a company's CMS and used to optimize the advisory service. The consultations are in no way inferior to those in the retail store.

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