8 tips for attractive product descriptions for ecommerce

8 tips for attractive product descriptions for ecommerce

Manu George

Wed, June 10

What the shop window in the shop is, they are in the online shop: the product descriptions and representations. The quality of the product description plays a key role in the success of an online shop. So they are not only used for the functional presentation of a product. Rather, product descriptions act as SEO-optimized landing pages for search engine results, which can have a positive effect on the generation of traffic with regard to the associated shop. In addition, successful product descriptions also influence the conversion rate and make it possible to compare products in a market with many products on offer and ideally contribute to viral recommendations.

The following points are particularly important when creating optimal product descriptions:

Awaken emotions 
Captivate your customers with an original product description. Please note: Do not sell the product, but the experience. Because the more you encounter your customers on an emotional level, the higher your conversion will be.

Unique instead of duplicate content
In addition, carrying the manufacturer's text as a product description is not recommended, as this is considered duplicate content and would be lost in the SEO swamp. Rely on unique content and increase your chance in the fight for a podium in the SEO ranking.

The wort is in a nutshell
Be brief and put the most important points together for information. However, it should be noted that the higher the investment, the more information the customer wants to be sure that the right product is selected.

Item attributes
In order to make the advantages and details of a product accessible to the shop visitor at a glance, the most important product attributes should be presented in a list. This makes particular sense, since online shop visitors often do not read the detail page carefully in search of the right product, but rather skim it and pay attention to special keywords.

Pictures say more than a thousand words
Where descriptions do not help, pictures can be helpful. Product images or even product videos complete product descriptions and are an integral part of a good product presentation. So you can be a fundamental success factor of an online shop. So-called thumbnails play a special role. They often decide whether a potential customer is interested in a product and requires more details. A shop system with extensive and powerful image management is therefore essential.

Automated cross-selling
Offer your customers an experience horizon through personalized recommendations and automated cross-selling. With intelligent further product suggestions and product worlds in the description, you encourage your customers to make additional purchases. Features such as "Customers with your shopping cart also bought" put customers in a special shopping world.

Allow your customers to leave reviews and feedback, creating a certain interaction between your customers and you. So pose
Ratings and reviews represent an independent and objective opinion of buyers and create trust among potential buyers. Censoring negative or even adding positive reviews is therefore an absolute no-go for shop owners. Rather, customer ratings can also serve as a valuable guide in addition to sales figures.

Caution copyright
In order to avoid a warning for copyright infringement, the right holder should be contacted before publication in the event that third-party content is used and asked for permission in writing. When in doubt, however: apply creatively and create texts and photos yourself.


A good product description is usually the first and probably one of the most important steps if you want your product to stand out from the masses. Successful product descriptions can be measured relatively directly in ranking positions, conversion rates and social media backlinks.

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