Top mobile app development companies

Top mobile app development companies

Jeremiah Browning

Tue, December 15

Technogrips has great news to share again! We have been declared as one of the Top Mobile App Development Companies of 2020!



Technogrips is honored and pleased to announce that we have received an accolade as one of the efficient app developers. In a recent  press release about the Top Mobile App Development Companies, by, a reputed review and research platform of IT services providers, has the name of Technogrips featured.


At Techogrips Technologies, we have extensive experience in leveraging the power of technology to aid companies in completing their objective of digital transformation.


In our 10+ years of service, we have partnered with Fortune 500 clients, SMEs, and startups. Our highly skilled workforce has helped us in delivering the products according to client’s specifications and in establishing Technogrips Technologies as one of the leading Mobile App Developers in the market today.


When you visit Technogrip's profile  on, you will be greeted with happy customers who have given us a 5 star rating. Here you will also find other interesting information about us like the different industries and services that we focus upon, our service specialties, and competitive pricing details.



Our revolutionizing taxi booking solution


We provide a taxi booking software which allows 3 different login options as an admin, driver, and rider. Our software allows enterprising business persons to start their own Uber like startup within minutes. Existing taxi fleet owners can also benefit from our software. The following are the distinct features of our solution,


      White label solution


      Customizations and integrations

      Intuitive user experience

      Dedicated 24x7 support

      Cloud deployment


You can find more such solutions on our portfolio which will make the visitors understand our proficiency and professionalism in handling diverse client requirements.


Who is is a research and review platform of IT service providers. They offer unbiased service to tech service seekers, by providing them a listing of genuine and highly professional IT firms, that can help the service seekers in achieving their goals by providing high-quality technical services. 

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