What is an ERP?

What is an ERP?

Aswany Roy

Mon, July 6

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning , it means resource planning for companies . It is software developed for companies with extensive applications for bundling all relevant processes.

Odoo as a new version of OpenERP
OpenERP is a software solution with a dual license model . It is an open source software with companies as a target group . The software applications for companies are wide-ranging : website & e-commerce, financial accounting (Fibu) , CRM , project management, production, accounting, personnel management and document management.

It is a single and integrated tool that should contain all essential functions for companies. In this way, no different software needs to be used or integrated. In 2014 OpenERP was in ODOO renamed .
The principle of ERP is based on the use of several databases , the administration is carried out by a database management system . In this way, there is always a constantly updated view of the most important company processes.

Odoo with a comprehensive package
It is a comprehensive package of business applications including sales, CRM , project management, warehouse management, manufacturing, financial management and human resources. Odoo / OpenERP offers a selection of over a thousand modules . Odoo / OpenERP is available in the cloud or on-site and is best suited for small to medium businesses . With more than 1000 downloads / installations per day, Odoo / OpenERP is one of the most widely used open source solutions in the world . It has a dynamic community, is flexible and can be adapted to individual needs .

Why Odoo?
Odoo offers a wealth of functionalities with over 1000 modules that can be used depending on the respective business requirements. Odoo / OpenERP is actively developed and supported by the community, and the functionality stack continues to grow. It is important to find an ERP system that has the required functionality. One of the first steps in any implementation is to analyze the company's processes .

Modular structure from Odoo
The program is largely modular. You can start Odoo / OpenERP with just a few modules and add more modules later if necessary, while maintaining the advantages of an integrated solution.

Updated technology
Odoo / OpenERP is based on a technology stack that is modern and up-to-date. These technologies are constantly being developed and adapted to the latest paradigms, including Odoo / OpenERP.

Lower total cost of ownership
While it is clear that more functionality and better technology often offset the cost of an ERP system, it can be difficult to see beyond the initial investment. Cost savings in the following areas can often easily justify spending on a new ERP system: operating costs, administration costs, warehousing costs, obsolete inventory and maintenance costs. Other tangible improvements are usually realized in other areas, such as percentage of finished and on-time delivery, reduction of lead time and total production output . Another improvement with an integrated system like Odoo / OpenERP is the availabilityon-demand and up-to-date reports that could take days, weeks, or months to create. Companies often make the mistake of seeing an ERP system as a cost center and fail to recognize the potential for these improvements

Consolidation strategy
Odoo / OpenERP enables companies to unify their business processes simply and effectively. Multiple systems pose many challenges, e.g. B. The lack of standardized business processes throughout the company and the consistency of the data in the various systems . A situation like this requires a consolidation strategy.

Odoo is customizable
It is not only easy to use software, but also very flexible. Odoo / OpenERP can be adapted to the specific business requirements of the company. In a highly competitive and rapidly changing world, companies need to be innovative to keep up with changing business scenarios. This can only be achieved with the right tools and in collaboration with the right Odoo development company.


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