What is the most effective backend web development language?

What is the most effective backend web development language?

Sunith Kumar

Mon, May 6

What role does the web developer play?

The web developer creates all the functions of the website. Developers write the code that gives the server, the browser, and everything in between all of the instructions for a website's performance. From clicking a button or opening a page to retrieving data with SQL queries. All of this is part of the developer's daily schedule.

Developers are the technicians. Depending on their role in creating the website and the languages ​​they use, web developers can be divided into three professional groups:

  • Front-end developer
  • Backend developer
  • Full stack developers who are a rare breed in their true form

Let's examine these different roles.

User interface developer

The front-end developer, also known as the client-side developer. Stands between a designer and a back-end developer. All the visual parts of the websites we see were created by front-end developers.

Front-end developers work closely with the designers. The designer chooses colors, fonts, or graphics and can advise on best practices for the user experience. Then the front-end developer applies these elements and brings the website to life. Designers provide designs as static images, while front-end developers cut out these models and design them as website interfaces.

In the WordPress context, the front-end developer mainly works with the theme of the site and can create a custom theme that suits the client's needs.

Front-end developers work with the following programming languages:

  • Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • JavaScript (JS)

Back-end developer

Back-end work is only visible as data to website visitors - the text of a button, the headings of posts as text, etc. When we think of a website button, the back-end work is responsible for the data and not for the way the button appears. All that causes this data to reach the end user is the backend developer's job format, which parses, parses, changes and stores it.

Back-end developers are also responsible for maintaining the user management system, which authenticates users and stores their data. You can create third party APIs which simplifies the user registration process.

For example, you enter a website and want to subscribe to a newsletter. You need to leave your email address and name. Both the designer and the front-end developer have created a form for you to fill out your details. If this information needs to be saved and retrieved at a later date, a database connection to the server on which it is to be saved is required. This is done by a back-end developer.

In the WordPress context, back-end developers work on top of the WordPress core code, which is free to install and use. The developers use what WordPress offers as a basis and create plugins and theme functions with it.

Some of the most common back-end languages ​​are:

  • PHP
  • SQL
  • ruby
  • python
  • C ++
  • Java

In the context of WordPress, however, PHP and sometimes SQL are used most often. As a more recent trend, JavaScript is also a language that is more commonly used on the server side to manage and display content from WordPress.

Test and start the website

The final part is to test that all of the features you have created work, fix any uncorrected issues. Knowing that you have a fully functional website with no errors, you can launch it live for users to see. To start a website, you need a web hosting server and a domain name. There are a lot of good places you can get them. I personally use Bluehost for both.


As you can see, creating a website involves a lot more steps than just coding. If you put all of these steps together, you can create a beautiful website.

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