Why You Should Prefer Odoo ERP Over Other ERPs?

Why You Should Prefer Odoo ERP Over Other ERPs?

Manu George

Thu, February 27

ERP procurement has become a vital part of present-day companies. So as to keep up and deal with the business tasks, procedures, and work processes. Finding an ERP that is an ideal fit for the business is significant because it legitimately impacts the development and productivity of the organizations. Besides, it demands a great deal of time and high execution cost if not consulted with the right ERP Development company.

Choosing the ERP from Salesforce, SAP, NetSuite, Odoo, Oracle, SugarCRM and MS Dynamics NAV is a dubious and frenzied method. The ERP software companies won't provide the best recommendation to the business that takes up the ERP implementation. ERP implementation is done based on different criteria.

To maintain a strategic distance from the surprising things which may occur and clear up the air, here we have enrolled a few guidelines that feature how ERP operates in Muti Level companies to SMEs with changing needs. 

Let us understand why organizations give more trustworthiness to Odoo 13 Enterprise or Odoo 13 Community edition contrasted with different ERPs: 

Server choice 
Odoo 13 is one of the ERPs that can be configured on cloud (SAAS, for example, you don't need to deal with your servers), on-premises, for example, execute Odoo on your nearby server/PC).
Odoo offers a powerful software, responsive UI, Android application, and iOS application. It is  ease of use, steady course, data entry, and trouble-free multi-customer interface for the administrator's assistance.

Important Modules 
The modules that best suit the business can be identified. This helps the organization to improve business, client experience, and profit. 
The Odoo community has contributed heaps of additional items for the mainstream modules. Even promoting robotics that help organizations to upgrade the functionalities with additional highlights. 

One-stop shop 
You simply name it and you will have it-this can be called for Odoo 13 Enterprise edition.  There are different modules supporting, managing, and developing business tasks efficiently. Everything is accessible under one rooftop. 
There are many modules like Sales, Bookkeeping, CRM, Purchase, Billing, inventory management, POS, Human assets, assembling, etc. It helps clients to meet the business need. 
Odoo has launched ERP with CRM integrated modules to achieve more business using tools for  Field Service Management, E-Learning, Rental, Planning, Social Marketing and numerous changes to existing applications. 

A high level of opportunity 
Each business follows a particular business stream, Odoo ERP doesn't cover all. But our Odoo Developers can execute the equivalent for your business through customized coding as per your requirement. The Odoo Enterprise framework is adaptable to the organization's needs. Notwithstanding such adaptability of customization, Odoo flawlessly incorporates existing business virtual products also. 

Simple UI
Odoo platform can have UI changes as per the requirement of the client.  Odoo engineers can work in collaboration with the graphics designers to provide the required user experience. 
The Odoo ERP has simple UI with a unique structure, its visual components helps in understanding the ERP solution easily. The numerous interface alternatives are intended for fluctuating business types so worker's productivity won't get contrarily impacted and the number of mistakes can be decreased. 
Odoo has outperformed Magento, Shopify, Slack, Mailchimp, Trello, and Salesforce programming with regards to ease of use over the entirety of its applications. 

Clients and network 
Odoo ERP gloats to have more than 4 million clients with 1202 associates across 120+ countries, which is itself the sign-how much the overall organizations are preferring Odoo. 

Customizing Odoo as per my business
Odoo has left competitors in the dust and developed as a lot quicker organization.
Odoo ERP usage is increasing. Not convinced?

How about we clear up the air: 

The Odoo ERP customization is exceptionally critical to make the most out of the ERP software. Whether customization is possible in the Odoo ERP puzzles the business people. 
Post-execution of ERP in various organizations, they find the issues are ascending, for instance, ERP features not agreeing with business structures, additional improvements like UI, and the necessity for new functionalities. The ground truth of the business, that is unchangeable, makes the customization unavoidable.
That is were Odoo ERP acts as the hero. Odoo can be tailor-made as per the requirement of the company.  The Odoo ERP extent of customization has been proven :

The ERP structure must be sufficiently flexible to accommodate new functionalities and streamline the business system upgrades. The business procedures can never be fixed. They are constantly moved up to keep up the pace with innovation progressions and market patterns. 
The Odoo ERP customization encourages additional highlights option to the current framework that improves the business forms and eventually enables the business to endure and flourish in the competitive market. The highlights can be up-scaled to accomplish the ideal utilization of ERP arrangements and never let the framework become out of date. 

Each business has its special methodology, work process, procedures, and activities with which they hold an alternate character and position in the market. No ERP arrangement can be a one-size-fits-all answer for each business. Customization relying upon the business needs is crucial. For example, Odoo customization empowers work automation, customized report generation, impressive proposals, etc that business need. 

Interface rearrangements 
 As the number of clients, procedures, and tasks builds up, the ERP's UI gets jumbled. The loose plan of screens incompetently set various issues and will be complex for a new user.
The Odoo customization permits the organizations to customize the UI for coordinating the look and feel of the interface with brand personality. Additionally, the perfect, clear, and succinct UI upgrades provides happy customers.

Once in a while, the progressions are required in the current functionalities to cause them to line up with business forms, notwithstanding the Expansion or erasure of additional highlights. Odoo is 100 percentage scalable, any modification or substitution can be done in the source code.

The Odoo ERP arrangement can't perform to its pinnacle or bring in desired outcomes for the organizations except if it's altered by business-explicit requirements by experienced Odoo developers. Odoo can be altered, customized with the help of a UI expert. which will empower customers to forecasts very efficiently.

Whether it's trading / manufacturing  Odoo ERP is the  Best Fit 
The products are bought, a stock is kept up, the stock levels are overseen as per client conduct, request vacillations, and changes in guidelines, and later, the merchandise is sold at the best cost. For numerous aspects of the exchanging industry when diverse transactions are carried out, it gets hard to deal with the business. 
When the Odoo ERP is utilized properly Business transactions can be monitored to the dot. With a huge number of modules that are helping the smooth functioning of the organizations.  We should talk about in detail how Odoo ERP can help with your business needs.

Inventory management to purchase 
Routinely checking the stock levels, managing various organizations, making and sending the quotations to different merchants, and afterward affirming the buy orders is a burdensome undertaking. 
Once, the business consistently continues buying the item from the merchant for a long span, Odoo computerizes the buying work process via consequently send the purchase order to the provider dependent on the stock levels. The system automatically requests or deals in evaluating the stock. 

360-degree view of the business
To let the business perform at the pinnacle effectiveness and consistently address the client's issues, it's essential to perfectly deal with the stock, for example, to comprehend what's there in the stock, what products are coming up short on the stock, and which merchandise are exorbitantly kept in stock. At the same time, numerous components like client's needs, providers, areas, fabricating units, and others likewise assume a basic job in conveying the requests at the ideal time. 
That is the place Odoo ERP software stands apart with exact business data, continuous information about the buy and shipment orders, and successful stock administration which helps in making better stock controls. 
Furthermore, regardless of the distribution center accessibility in various areas, the Odoo ERP streamlines the stock activities and guarantees the merchandise gets conveyed to the clients in the least time, cost, and asset utilization. 

Upgrade client relationship with the executives 
Winning the client by keeping up the relationship in each phase of the sales process using the CRM is important. Odoo helps in keeping the pipeline moving perfectly by permitting the business group to see the open door for clients at various stages close by important sources of info, business exercises, and the capacity to plan meetings. 
Besides, for the consistent leads management, Odoo predicts the lead score, enroll the leads produced through different showcasing endeavors and distinguishing the quality of leads from the current client database. 

Consistent item in the board 
The items that business exchanges come with various properties, for example, size, shading, cost, and others. Dealing with the different sorts of items, their variations, and their various units of estimations is no simple assignment. This is the place were Odoo ERP exceeds expectations by permitting the business to make the items with their various variations through buy, deals, and stock module that helps in drawing in the clients toward the front. 
The capacity to include a standardized tag or other inside references to the merchandise accelerate the request conveyance process and the special sequential numbers encourage shipment easily is one of the incredible highlights in Odoo.

Alternatives to sell your items 
POS and E-Commerce. Odoo additionally gives phenomenal management choices i.e  Sort your item and start selling it. You will get familiar with Odoo E-Commerce easily because of its brilliant ERP design.

Understand Odoo
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