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ERP for Manufacturing Giants

The increasing digitalization of industrial production means that humans & machines will work ever closer together in the future. Buzzwords like Industry 4.0, smart factory or digital factory want to make it clear that the high-grade and digital networking of machines can control the entire production process down to the last detail.

This will only succeed if a powerful ERP system has been established as a digital backbone in your company.
Find out how Technogrips ERP can help you easily master digitalization in production!

Tomorrow's production will focus on customer requirements

Thanks to machines that communicate with each other and intelligent monitoring of the production data, companies can react to changing conditions almost in real time and control and optimize their production accordingly.

Thanks to machines that communicate with each other and intelligent monitoring of the production data, companies can react to changing conditions almost in real time and control and optimize their production accordingly.


We offer numerous functions in our ERP system for producers and manufacturers that enable you to control production easily and efficiently.

You can find a selection here:

Manufacturing variants & production management

Technogrips ERP works with different production and process models for the planning and operational handling of manufacturing processes. The spectrum of systematic depiction of the production variants based on characteristics, characteristics and conditions ranges from order-related one-off production to series production and extended workbenches.

The combination of different typologies is also possible. Because: If the series manufacturer needs rolling production planning to determine its resource requirements , cross-departmental management of its projects is more important for the individual manufacturer . Technogrips ERP simply adapts completely to your business habits .

Data overview for everyone

Not only every company in itself is individual - the employees of the individual departments also need different views and evaluations. Technogrips ERP offers every employee - regardless of whether worker or master, whether work preparation or production management - the exact data and information that he needs for his daily work on the screen on individual desktops .

Customized product configuration

The Technogrips ERP product configurator is a tool that you can use to generate your products based on basic articles, freely definable characteristics and a corresponding formula with all master data. The relevant parts lists and routings are also generated for production parts. Start your configuration either from a separate application or directly from an offer or order item and off you go!

Bills of materials that grow with you

Growing parts lists are of great importance in one-off production, because it is often not yet known when the order is placed how the item structure will look in detail. In order to comply with the announced delivery date, production starts in these cases with a trunk bill , supplemented successively by the missing pieces. It is also possible to exchange parts with which one component can be replaced by another.

Production planning: everything at the right time

Time is an important factor in the production process. Throughput scheduling is possible for production orders with a work plan . Depending on the work schedule, scheduling can be carried out with unlimited or limited capacities.

There is also the option of forward and backward scheduling. When scheduling against capacity limits, the data from the capacity calendar is included as a limit. They are derived from the production department, the company calendar and the shift model.

Don't forget transition

times Not only the pure manufacturing times are important for scheduling, but also the times of in-house transport. Variable and fixed transition times between any clients, plants, production departments and workplaces are managed in a matrix. So you always have an overview.

Planning board: overview thanks to visualization

Using the graphic planning board , the individual work steps of the production orders with their scheduling and capacity allocation can be visualized and processed. It is a convenient tool that is used to display and fix changes in the utilization situation of production resources.

The costs at a glance

The production calculation is highly flexible due to the establishment of any calculation schemes. It contains the option of preliminary costing, concurrent costing and post-costing. The calculation can be carried out as often as you like during the life of an order, so that you can always keep an eye on your costs.

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