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Why miss your favourite food, when you can enjoy them anytime, anywhere? Elaborate on a wide range of cuisine, and get them delivered at your doorstep, all at the tip of your fingers.

Navigate the cafeterias near you. Get to know about the new offers on Biriyanis, Pizzas, Burritos, Sushi and more. Why walk the distance when the whole platter can come to you.

Order and track them at one go.



Creating an app like ‘the food delivery app’, would be a little tough with a number of similar apps in the market. So the biggest challenge was to bring innovation into the app with the least learning curve for the users.

However the other challenges involved were as follows:

  • Conceiving and developing the app with the least minimum data provided.
  • Develop and deliver a standard solution that rivals similar apps in less than a month’s time.
  • Integrating user friendly interface with minimum learning curve.
  • Integrating data and ensuring fast delivery of products.
  • Integrating an accurate GPS and secure payment gateway


We gathered the client’s requirements and worked on the architecture to build the app that suited their business model and target audience best. Based on the study we suggested the following solution.

  • We documented on the most interactive and intuitive user interface to be integrated.
  • Designed an architecture to make navigation easy thereby reducing the journey to order.
  • Integrated an accurate GPS system and secure payment gateway.
  • We provided a Wordpress platform for developing the app backend to make it flexible, scalable and cost-effective.
  • We worked on the module based agile methodology to deliver the app in the set timeline.
  • food_delivery_app

    The Result

    • An intuitive product that received better customer engagement.
    • Users can create orders in no time.
    • Good GPS tracking that kept the customers updated on their delivery.
    • Hassle-free payment options.
    • Faster delivery of orders enhancing user experience.

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