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Prediction Game- Casino games

Prediction Games became one of the most exciting thing on the internet during the lockdown period.

Clubs / Individuals  were hosting such games online to attract more customers. There are fewer government interventions and no gambling regulations. 

The outcome can be predicted by understanding the past games. Rewards are received by simply guessing the future outcomes. 

The prediction game market has clutched more than 11 Billion from India alone in the last few months alone and it's expected to double in the next quarter.

The number of gamers is increasing every day. There were even scenarios where the server couldn't handle such load. More than 50 k people are playing concurrently and the betting amount ranges from 10 Cents to up to $300 per player per game. The winner is supposed to receive double or even Nine times the amount which they have locked for the particular game. A wallet system helps to manage the fund conveniently. 

The winners receive credit instantly to their account if the withdrawal request is initiated.

So are you thinking about launching a prediction game. Contact Technogrips Technologies. We will provide a demo.

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