Case Study

Trigger Today medicine reminder

People simply forget, skip or stop taking their medications…which leads to non-adherence. Trigger helps people to integrate healthy behavior by using technology in a very simple way.

Trigger is a project to improve patient compliance and health outcome in the most simple way. It is probably the most uncomplicated and effective medication reminder program.Our aim is to stir up your routine and get you (and your loved ones) back to your healthy self, simply by easing up the medication management.



  • Client wanted the healthkit & Fitbit data to get fetched on the application. Integration of both was quite a challenge as it would increase the complexity of the app. Moreover, to fetch data in real-time from the healthkit & Fitbit to the application was a tough job.
  • Other challenge that we had to deal with was of medicine reminders. Client wanted us to include a feature in which the user would get notifications for his/her medical dose.
  • Apart from that client wanted to provide encryption and decryption of data which would ensure foolproof privacy and security of user’s data.
  • Client wanted us to provide multiple languages in the app.


To solve the first challenge our developers used Healthkit’s & Fitbits’ API to fetch all the data to the app. For the second challenge which was of medicine reminders, we synced the calendars. We added reminders according to the frequency of the dosage.

For encryption and decryption, we used AES encryption algorithm that works parallelly across every platform such as iOS, Android, and PHP.

To make this app available in all the languages we made a master in which we stored all the language translations for all the modules


The Result

  • The application got a tremendous amount of appreciation from all especially, from those who had to manage a large number of medical tasks for themselves or their family members.
  • It received a massive download traffic within the first few days of release

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