Five Virtual reality Trends to observe in 2k19

Virtual reality continues to form progress, even when its intense promotion in 2016 and 2017. These Virtual reality trends can guide you to understand what’s what within the year ahead within the immersive media house.



Standalone VR gets larger

The release of Oculus Go in 2018 gave customers a lower cost purpose and a brand new easy use due to its easy style, serving as an additional accessible entry into VR.  It signaled the beginning of thought standalone Virtual reality.

The release of Oculus Quest in 2019 is associate degree exciting upgrade, moving to a full 6DoF view and perfectly positioned for gaming and movement-based experiences.

VR enterprise coaching begin seeing results

When Walmart bought 17,000 Oculus Go headsets in 2018, it had been proof that VR coaching was no craze. This year, expect to listen to from these initial tests on the technology’s effectiveness to assist prove that enterprise and coaching ar Virtual reality trends here to remain.

In addition to hearing concerning results, expect to examine additional VR coaching deals like Walmart’s, whether or not for HR functions, manufactory training, etc.

Why? VR training work for things that need heaps of apply however can’t quite be replicated at scale within the universe (emergency things, HR role enjoying, etc.). With corporations like Walmart finance, others are taking notice.

VR / 3D / 360° selling becomes commonplace to apply for brands


Brands like Sony photos, Netflix, Travel Nevada, CVS, and additional have all endowed in 360° VR and AR experiences. Now, even additional brands are investing, and now in 3D and AR.

With 3D Models and Photos easier to form and 360° changing into easier and easier to provide (take a glance at the highest twenty-eight VR production companies), additional brands can incorporate immersive selling.

Interest in 3D will increase

We’re moving from a 2D content world into rich 3D, immersive experiences. Marketers wish to prevent thumbs and 3D formats try this and additional. Whether a 3D to AR show ad experiences or a 3D photo on Facebook that adds depth to a 2D image, ads that incorporate depth and movement higher capture attention.

Now, marketers have the tools to simply produce these experiences, thus seek for additional 3D goodness in 2019.

AR promotion takes over

“AR can outgo VR” “AR, not VR, can go mainstream”. The promotion encompassing AR mirrors that of VR in 2016. serious investment into AR and also the exciting promise of mobile AR especially, shows that AR is that the new toy in the city.

More vital to contemplate the utilization cases for AR and that stick. Like coaching and selling for VR, AR finds its sweet sauce in utility and e-commerce. Watch these 2 areas in 2019.

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