Important Mobile Development Trends That App Developers Ought to Know

According to some of the top and extremely knowledgeable app developers, the apparatus of mobile app development is swinging towards sure trends and every one App developers and different app developers ought to position and align services to the trends.

This article discusses a number of the trends to look at out for. In fact, some sensible App developers are already operating towards the trends.

Internet of Things


internet of things

Appliances have began to communicate with each other and a few App developers have already started developing apps to create these communications terribly simple. For instance, individuals typically wish their home appliances to speak with each other as this offers them such a lot of convenience.

It is not uncommon for teenagers to depart the TV set on and nod off. There ought to be an app that may close up the TV once there’s no one looking at it. In fact, individuals need a central controller that switches of each appliance reception straight off the last person leaves home.

The app ought to conjointly switch everything on mechanically once a minimum of one person gets home. The app works in step with its setting. It ought to even be ready to shut down all the lights straight off the sun is sighted. This can facilitate users to save many greenbacks on their energy bill. Pet watching app is another nice application of IoT by App developers. This can be however it works. The app comes with a collar that has a chip embedded in it. The collar is going to be worn by your pet.

Once you put in the app on your phone, the chip can begin to speak together with your smartphone.

According to the default setting, once your pet gets up to fifty meters aloof from you, the chip can communicate together with your phone and you’ll get an alert that your pet goes too so much. Because the user of the app, have got the freedom to either increase the gap limit to a figure on top of fifty meters despite the fact that it’s not wise or cut back it.

Have you conjointly detected of smart wallets? Some App developers developed that too. it’s conjointly supported IoT technology. The pocketbook comes with its app too. Though smart wallets have varied blessings over different regular wallets, the 2 biggest ones are unit the power to send reminders to your phone and also the ability to call a phone.

When the gap between your phone and your pocketbook is up to fifty meters, the pocketbook can assume that you just have forgotten it and it’ll send a reminder to you on your phone through its app. However, pundits are of the opinion that this idea won’t work if you forget each your phone and also the pocketbook along.

Sometimes you’ll erroneously drop your phone somewhere in your house and realize it tough to find it. This pocketbook is accustomed to calling out your phone and it’ll ring out. Well, different phones will try this too however the difference is that other phones will solely call out a phone that’s on and not in silent mode. whether the phone is on or in silent phone, the smart pocketbook can build it ring out.

When individuals steal phones in a very gathering, they’re going to quickly switch it off and conceal it somewhere. In this scenario, you’ll use the pocketbook to call out the phone. App developers have applied the IoT technology to such a lot of areas and it’s growing.

Wearable technology is gaining grounds too


Wearable technology is growing with many sensible things which will be worn. There are many glasses meant for VR and AR also there are smartwatches which will take calls and conjointly receive text messages. The third class is the one for fashion apps that monitors heartbeat rates, a number of calories burnt, and plenty of additional.

All of them work with completely different mobile apps and that they are extremely gaining grounds quick. For safety reasons, once you aren’t in a very safe place and you have got a call, it’s higher to receive it together with your smartwatch so you don’t get to bring out your phone. Of course, you’ll receive calls with Bluetooth earphone however you won’t apprehend whose call it’s before picking it and you’ll be avoiding a stalker’s call. You cannot conjointly receive text messages together with your Bluetooth earphone. So, that’s why the demand for smartwatches has inflated staggeringly in recent times.

Have you ever had to wear VR glasses to view the cinema? This makes movies five times additional fascinating and ten times additional immersive. In fact, if you get accustomed to looking at movies with VR glasses, you’ll never get pleasure from it while not the glasses once more. Just about all the applications of VR need the utilization of wearable.

Accelerated mobile page (AMP)

home hero phone

This technology helps sites and mobile apps to load quicker. This can be necessary as net users have gotten additional impatient. Additionally, their span is obtaining shorter and shorter. Once it takes quite three seconds for a page to load, guests to the page can move on. Quick loading will increase your lead generation and conversion rate as a result of it retains guests, will increase click-through-rate (CTR), and it conjointly improves search engine ranking.

So, you want to make sure that the AMP technology is integrated into your mobile app to assist you to boost your conversion rate, to assist you to keep your customers and to achieve a competitive advantage as a result of a number of your competitors have already adopted it.

Mobile Pay

A lot of users currently favor to build payment through their smartphones. You want to have detected a minimum of one among Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and Android Pay. They’re the new mobile payment platforms and that they supply additional convenience than paying with credit cards.

The fact that the four of them emerged regarding constant time is a sign that the apparatus of financial transaction is swinging towards mobile payment platforms. So, it’s become necessary for you to integrate a minimum of one of the four of them into your mobile app.


Having illustrious current and future mobile app development trends, you must conjointly search for a way to implement them in your mobile app and if you’re a mobile app developer, you must embody them in your services.

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