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Select Rewards

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Select Rewards


SelectReward is a fundraising company based in Colorado that works with high schools to support their financial needs throughout the year.



  • All of us admire the dignity of being noticed and rewarded as regular customers at our favourite joints.
  • The SelectRewards team however noticed that the faithful customers are not getting any returns for their loyalty, while many of the consumers abandon the rewards as they grow weary waiting for reward points to get piled up.
  • The team identified the need for encouraging and rewarding the loyal customers to enhance customer retention. It was then the idea of SelectReward app was conceived.
  • Revamping the age old concept of fat wallets with physical vouchers peeping out, with a more organized and digitized version of reward vouchers is what they arrived at! They envisioned an app that foster Consumer-Producer relationships.



First, we developed a customized app that met all of clients needs. It has an active server and allows users to log into their account at any time, then access and use mobile vouchers to get discounts from local vendors as part of their school’s fundraiser package. The system is easily accessible for both the student users and the school account holders. There is a unique login code that grants users access and connects them to the appropriate fundraising package and daily redeemable discounts.


we have completed the application, our team continues to handle all of the maintenance and support. we also update the platform with new fundraising accounts.

The Result

  • Trending #25 in Google Play Store
  • It received a massive download traffic within the first few days of release
  • In less than a year, SelectRewards got 7000 registered users and over 350 merchant partners including the Cool River Cafe,The Melting Pot,Indulge Bistro & Wine Bar,Old Mill Brewery,Lil’ Ricci’s NY Pizza,Diego Zhang’s,Duffeyroll Cafe,Downtown Dinners and Details Boutique