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Technogrips experts have developed the world most emerging Job Portal App for the users to search down the job listings from their mobile device and it is mainly designed for the job seekers to find the most relevant job with the absolute ease even on the move. This Application for Job Portal can also help you to start your own business from your place without any technical background knowledge and will help you to start the hundred billion dollar business without any complexity in handling and managing the app.


Benefits Of Job Portal Apps

How Job Portal Apps Give A Winning Advantage?


Specialized job portal apps make things much easier for recruiters as they can easily hunt the best talents and manage the recruitment process with the myriad smartphone features that these apps utilize.


The convenience of these mobile apps extends to the job seekers too as they can access the portals even on the go, which means that there is no chance that they ever miss any opportunities.


Investing in mobile apps makes a recruitment services stand apart as it enables them to showcase their brand on the app store so that they are visible to the best talents in the industry.


Mobile job portals offer a range of advanced features such as reminder notifications, quick CV updates, and much more. These advanced features translate into enhanced user experiences.

We enrich job portal apps with an outstanding range of features

  • Employer/Job Seeker Registration
  • Employer/Job Seeker Validation
  • Advanced Searches
  • User Profile Management
  • Resume Builder
  • Live Chat Integration
  • Calendar Integration
  • Map Integration
  • Forums And Groups
  • Reviews And Testimonials
  • Job Alerts
  • Recruitment Analytics

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