Artificial Intelligence

Combining powerful software with hardware, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been instrumental in many business transformations. AI systems are hugely complex but efficient in processing large amount of information quickly and reliably. More than two thirds of the organisation that exist in the world today have already automated much of their processes driving growth and efficiency.

AI makes it possible for machines to learn from experience, enabling automation of most of the repetitive tasks. It has remodelled the way services are delivered. With the advent of new AI tools and technologies like cognitive computing, machine learning, natural language processing, among others, AI has dominated all major business verticals.

At Technogrips, we build solutions based on the industry best practices leveraging the efficiency of the existing systems. Our AI systems are effective in people and system interactions. We have a reputation of having successfully integrated a wide range of powerful AI technologies like Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Speech Recognition into business processes.


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Machine Learning

Our solutions in Machine Learning has helped leverage SMEs and corporates alike. As ML has the ability to self learn with no human intervention, customer experiences can be vastly analysed and the information received can be used to identify patterns and better performance.

Digital Virtual Agents

Our AI powered digital virtual agents deliver intuitive and automated support, across applications providing an extensive and consistent user experience.

Natural Language Processing

We provide applications based on Natural Language Processing technology programmed for interactions between machines and languages. These applications have been designed to understand and comprehend different languages and take relevant actions on the basis of this interpretation.

Natural Language Generation

We have created intelligent Natural Language Generation solutions that create stories out of the data provided to engage customers in a better way. These solutions also convert data into relevant and intuitive forms like BI reports, financial reports, product descriptions, and more.

Image Processing

We have deployed various hi-tech visual applications across industries that can acquire, analyse and synthesise images and identify patterns. Our solutions have catered to the banking and biomedical sectors to name a few.

Robotic Process Automation

We have integrated Robotic Process Automation(RPA) across several applications catering to different industries to capture data and automate repetitive tasks. They have been very effective in triggering, interpreting, and communicating data with systems. We provide cost-effective and non-intrusive solutions without disrupting the underlying system.

Knowledge Virtualization

Using AI tools and technologies we have provided solutions that enable global knowledge sourcing on local connectedness creating robust knowledge virtualisation. This has enabled businesses to capitalise on reliable databases for better decisions.

Decision Management

Our AI-assisted Decision Management Solutions have simplified the process of making business decisions through a structured process. These systems help in evaluating risks, predicting user behavior and controlling business process through reliable algorithms.


1. Technogrips Skilled Engineers

Our AI development team has hands on experience in developing and delivering simple to complex projects.

2. Technogrips Significant Experience

Our expert team rope in the latest and most advanced tools and technologies in AI to develop projects.

3. Technogrips Security Confirmation

We ensure data privacy and ensure security in accordance with a strong NDA

4. Technogrips Code Etiquette

We deliver modules that can be updated or modified to your changing requirements.

5. Technogrips Deadlines Respectability

We do not promise on deadlines we cannot meet.

6. Technogrips Cost-Effective Solutions

We deliver cost-effective and reliable solutions.

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