Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a technology that is valued for its public validity, records management, and distributed transaction through immutable and encrypted ledgers. With proven expertise in developing Blockchain solutions, we enable you to explore the potentials of Blockchain providing custom based solutions for your business needs.

Blockchain technology is redefining the way we deal with assets, bringing in trust and transparency.

Why Blockchain?

Blockchains are digital pieces of information stored in blocks. These blocks carry information about the transactions, users and the unique IDs of the blocks in the series. Information in a block is identified using a unique digital signature. Transactions done through the blocks are verified before they are recorded on a block. The details of this transaction are visible to every other user of the blockchain, network, making the data in the network difficult to manipulate. This keeps the data in the system secure and foolproof.

Applications of Blockchain

Blockchain can support a wide range of applications. It basically protects business dealings, prevents theft and simplifies the business processes with reduced errors and quick transactions.
The most well-known blockchain application pertains to the exchange of cryptocurrency most famously bitcoins. They are virtual currencies transacted across a digital network. Blockchains also finds application in Supply Chain, Banking and Finance, E-learning, Healthcare, Online shopping portals, Insurance, Travel, Music, Renewable energy, Contract validation and many more.

Benefits of implementing Blockchain

  • Automation
  • Low storage cost
  • Reduce time
  • Eliminates data redundancy
  • Enhanced data security
  • Lower risk

If you would like to transact in Blockchain, do get in touch with Technogrips. Get expert advice on the latest trends and technologies and how to apply them to your business process.

We have designed and developed both simple and complex blockchain solutions that require advanced frameworks and architecture to cater to the various client requirements. Explore a gamut of Blockchain services to enhance your productivity.


Blockchain Development Services

Smart Contract

Smart contracts define the rules of an agreement. They validate the input and execute the assignment as per the contract. Smart contracts guarantee total automation, decentralization, and increased transparency.

Smart Contract Audit

As smart contracts control and validate the transaction detail, they require a periodical audit to ensure compliance. Our team will guide you through this with deploying codes that behave as per the contractual agreement.

Private Blockchain

We have developed and delivered private blockchains for organizations. The private blockchain is meant to be operated with the organization itself.

Supply Chain Blockchain

Our Supply chain blockchain solutions cater to all aspects of supply chain ensuring transparency through clean dissemination of data with increased profitability.


An open software blockchain technology platform, Ethereum facilitates the development of Smart Contracts and Distributed Applications (DApps) .


Technogrips has developed custom cryptocurrency exchange solutions, that facilitate the buying, selling and exchanging of different types cryptocurrencies.


Hyperledger is a blockchain framework that offers a platform to develop modular applications and host smart contracts.


Ethereum based applications and smart contracts make use of the language called Solidity. It facilitates the execution of smart contracts in any Blockchain.

Why Technogrips Technologies?

Technogrips Skilled Engineers

Our development team has hands-on experience in developing and delivering Blockchain solutions that encompass complex architecture.

Technogrips Significant Experience

We have a track record of having successfully developed and delivered simple and complex Blockchain projects in set timelines.

Technogrips Security Confirmation

Your confidential information in accordance with a strong NDA

Technogrips Code Etiquette

We deliver modules that can be updated or modified to your changing requirements.

Technogrips Deadlines Respectability

We do not promise on deadlines we cannot meet.

Technogrips Cost-Effective Solutions

We deliver cost-effective and reliable solutions.

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