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Content Management Solutions - An Overview

  • Enhances your digital presence.
  • Easy to manage roles and publishing permissions.
  • Update the software and functionality without having to change the underlying architecture.
  • Enables design changes while keeping the site functional.
  • Helps rank your content well on search engines.
  • Enables complete control over your site without having to rely on an external vendor.
  • We provide our clients with detailed analytics and integration with social media tools.
  • Our CMS provides robust content templates along with an extraordinary support system.

Our Comprehensive CMS Development Platform

1. Joomla

Joomla is an open source platform to build your website. It helps with easy and flexible content management system whether it is for simple website or for an e-commerce site with a payment gateway integration. At Technogrips Technologies, we have provided clients with some of the best customized Joomla CMS website from personal to business needs. Our websites are both appealing and ranks well in SEO.

2. Wordpress

Wordpress is a simple yet powerful platform which helps build secure and seo friendly websites easily with an intuitive interface. We have developed a number of customized websites using wordpress, which are SEO friendly and scalable. Websites developed by our developers using WordPress have provided clients with a number of functionalities to experiment with.

3. Open Cart

Opencart is a quick and reliable content management system which is more suitable for online stores. Websites developed using opencart have powerful search options and are technically optimized. Opencart’s Ecommerce platforms are integrated with a number of payment and delivery options. Our developers have hands on experience in delivering solutions to several successful E-commerce ventures.

4. CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter is a PHP driven framework used as a CMS. It provides a high performance framework with no configurations and uses a simple code structure. CodeIgniter works best for frameworks that require a small presence.
Its inbuilt libraries and simplified interface helps solve complex functionalities making it ideal to develop dynamic websites in no time. With the latest tools available our developers have created robust websites for clients that are easy to manage and maintain.

How is CMS driving Business?

  • Quick deployment.
  • Easy to maintain and scalable.
  • Cost-effective in implementing out of the box solutions.
  • Extended functionalities through plugins and other extensions.
  • Supports SEO rankings.
  • Effortless customization options.
  • Ensures device and platform compatibility.
  • Improves collaboration and sharing.

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