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How to bring your iOS App Ideas to Life

Before the start of a project we conduct an analysis to identify the challenges. The technology stack and the programming language is identified on the basis of these challenges. The project is later split into modules and the processes are iterated to derive the best methodology to follow. During this phase, the design team also develops the user interface, user experience and navigation.The clients are given a prototype of the final product. The app developers then take up the design for development, where a functional app will be created from the design.
APIs are then integrated to provide support to backend activities. The backend defines the app capabilities as the performance and scalability are dependent on this. The functionality of the app is then implemented by connecting with the APIs through fetching data from the servers.
When the development is finished, it is obligatory to test the application. QA engineers review the app to make sure it functions seamlessly and has no bugs.
Once the app is tested and reviewed by the client, it can be released to the market. However, this does not end the app development process steps, since every application requires continued maintenance and needs to be updated often to address the quickly changing customer demands. So, this phase simply marks the beginning of another development cycle.

App Stores Submission

Creating an app for iOS, also requires to comply with Appleā€™s strict guidelines. Apple does not compromise on certain key factors like design, security and user privacy. Our team of developers optimize the performance of the app for a seamless user experience through compliance with all the set guidelines.

Launching an app in an app store and releasing updates is a continuous process of app maintenance. It requires the monitoring of app usage through app analytics platforms, measuring its success through KPIs, updating and complying with other app features. We use automated testing tools for a more comprehensive and reliable testing of the apps.
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We provide timely assistance and technical support to the products we deliver. We also provide on site training and services for the smooth implementation of the product. Bugs are identified and fixed, with product updation and iteration to provide a seamless experience.

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We have a dedicated team of over 250 iOS developers, in different categories who are well conversant in all the aspects of iOS app development.

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We practise complete transparency in all our projects keeping clients updated about the progress of the project during the development phase.

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We are committed to achieving your goals. We provide all the required support and assistance after project delivery, ensuring a hassle free functioning of the app to improve business performance.

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