Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft Sharepoint is a browser-based collaborative platform integrating Microsoft office. It is a specialized tool for document management helping share IT documents through reliable and secure portals. With the help of a highly professional team, Technogrips can propel your business process to the next level.

SharePoint Services

1. Consulting

Our team of experts can review your existing infrastructure and recommend effective strategies for the proper implementation of SharePoint solutions. We follow Microsoft best practices to ensure the smooth running of the processes. Besides establishing software and hardware requirements we help in the proper governance of the system too. Our Microsoft Certified SharePoint consultants will help you through the latest upgrades so as to reap the benefits of the latest versions.

2. Implementation

Implementing Sharepoint requires a platform that should be manageable and understood by everybody involved in the process, followed by a step by step integration into the system. Your goals and policies have to be well defined during the consultation phase to ensure smooth governance of the system. We provide out of the box configurations and functionalities through code customization.

3. Support

User adoption is primary to the success of SharePoint implementation. Hence training is provided to the administrators, developers, and end-users during the transition of the process for smooth functioning. We follow the Microsoft best practices for deploying SharePoint solutions that bugs are identified and fixed through all phases from development and testing to production.


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