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Strategizing involves the planning of your requirements and directing it to your goals. At Technogrips, we help you through its attainment.


Research is about identifying what is ideal and what is possible for the enhancement of the project.


Design should align around product vision along with the features. This keeps the user connected through a frictionless experience.


Mobile App Design Works

An app is defined on the basis of its user interface, which is why Mobile app designers should make use of the right tools to make their designs worthwhile for the end user. The right tools are identified through skill and creativity. The UX makes the product successful, which is why it becomes an essential component of product strategy.

Creating an interactive user experience requires anticipation of user needs, with minimal user input while keeping content and user interfaces to a minimum. We delve into the subtleties of design, making it engaging and irresistible giving it that extra edge over your contenders.

Web App Design Works

Web applications should be dynamic enough to help businesses perform critical tasks. They must be able to assess and increase their productivity. A web application must be able to perform a function that should serve the user’s tasks in line with the defined business rules. This requires commitment and involvement. Our designers and developers interact with the stakeholders to understand the system; driving excellent revenues.


Our Design Approach

There cannot be a consensus on any definitive design principles. The basic requirement should be a user interface that should be consistent across applications, from navigation to color to terminology. This is known as internal consistency. The applications we design maintain this and are scalable across various goals. The various stages of design involve the following:

1.Discover and Analyze Similar Apps Available in the Market

Market research and system study are essential to analyse user requirements. A powerful and a successful app lies in learning the shortcomings of the existing solution. Designing an intuitively simple app is a difficult task which requires observation and skill. The design should be pleasing with the UX while focusing on the main purpose.

2.Conceptualizing with Developers to Find Solutions for Technical Limitations

The phase of conceptualisation defines the journey of development. Exceptional solutions delight users and opens up opportunities. Prioritizing important functions will avoid last minute surprises. It should also provide smart navigation through processes. For this our team considers the various case scenarios with the designers and developers before settling on a design. Finally the user interaction should be minimal with a low learning curve.

3.Knowing the Target Audience

Understanding your audience better will improve the success rate of your app. The target audience determines the app features and functionalities, which should be designed according to their taste and needs. Monetization is based on these specifications. We go into a broader perspective to ensure that the audience are well defined for a deep approach before the design of our product.

4.Sketching and Wireframing

Sketching is the designing of your action plan. Work flow interactions are based on this prototyping features. The clients can preview these designs, as the users will see them. Sketching may not be sufficient enough to trace the structural aspects of the product. This is where wireframing comes into use. Taking into account the user journey and the user needs, the content and functionality are mapped through this. Different tools like Mockflow and Balsamiq are used for this.

5.Starting the Design Phase

User interface design principles are also put to work in this phase. The wireframing concepts are transported to the design. Client inputs are incorporated during this phase with the help of both designers and developers. This is to keep inline with the design and the user requirements. Our designers work in lieu with the brand style of the clients to bring in the look and the voice to ensure consistency in branding.

6.Three Months Support After Delivery

We provide 3 month support, after delivery of the project to ensure that the solutions are well integrated into the processes.

A carefully drawn plan is vital for the design of any application. Once we know what to design, a quick sketch will guide you through to lay the elements. Finally the design should be intuitive enough to be conveyed without much learning.

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